3-D Secure

Reduce fraud and chargebacks with minimal friction

What can it do?

Help organizations comply with PSD2

Because 3DS is a valid form of SCA, it can help meet the authentication requirements of PSD2.

Reduce instances of fraud and false declines

By directly acknowledging their identity and the authenticity of a purchase, customers can help prevent fraud.

Shift the liability for chargebacks to issuers

3DS users register their cardholder data with their issuing bank, so the issuer assumes fraud risk and liability.

How does it work?

Frictionless flows

Seamless fraud prevention

Low-risk transactions can qualify for frictionless authentication, meaning no challenge is required to complete the transaction.

Challenge requests

Simple transaction validation

If a challenge is required, TokenEx routes it to the end user. If completed, the transaction is approved for processing

How our API can be useful for your business

Our simple, easily accessible API documentation contains everything from data flows to code snippets, giving you the information you need to begin testing right away.

Achieve your business goals

The following guides and API documentation will help you successfully integrate with our platform.

Get sandbox access

If you don’t yet have access to the TokenEx Test environment, contact sales for a TokenEx ID and API key.

How can I get it?

Let’s talk about your business to see how we can help.