Frequently Asked Questions

What does an integration look like for my company?

Your integration depends on the complexity of your environment and which of our services you use. With a thorough integration process, we can move as fast as you can.


Can we get our data back?

Yes. It’s your data, and TokenEx is simply a custodian of the data you entrust to us. You may access the data without fines or penalties whenever you want, and we will get it back to you as quickly as we can. Bottom line: We will never hold your data hostage.


Do you work in the health care and financial industries?

Yes. TokenEx handles all types of data. From deidentification of patient data to tokenizing financial account information, we have the solutions in place to handle nearly any data you send to us.


What latency does TokenEx introduce to a transaction?

There are a few minor variables involved, but depending on where you’re located, the latency we introduce is negligible.


Does TokenEx offer traditional brick-and-mortar solutions?

Yes. TokenEx complements our Ecommerce Package with capabilities for point-of-sale systems. We offer point-to-point encryption (P2PE) solutions.


Are your tokens single or multi-use, and are they format-preserving?

The type and format of your token scheme is completely configurable by you, depending on how you want to secure your data. We support single and multi-use tokens, as well format-preserving schemes.


How is your solution better than an on-premise tokenization solution?

Because all of your sensitive data remains in your environment in an on-premise solution, you are still in scope for compliance. The goal of true cloud tokenization is to remove ALL sensitive data from your environment while significantly reducing the cost and scope of compliance. On-premise solutions are significantly more expensive, and if you are breached, it is your only layer of security. All of that data is still in your environment, and you’re ultimately responsible for it. With TokenEx, however, your data is tokenized, which removes the original, sensitive data from scope.


Do you support my payment gateway?

TokenEx supports any gateway through the use of our Transparent Gateway. Also, TokenEx integration is not limited to just payment gateways. We can work with other third parties, vendors, and service providers our customers use, such as fraud-prevention or data escrow companies.


Do your ecommerce solutions get everything out of scope for PCI?

TokenEx’s Ecommerce Package is designed to remove everything except your people, processes, and technology from PCI scope. That doesn’t include the soft controls within the PCI Data Security Standard, such as regular security awareness training and maintaining vendor contracts — but it does cover a significant number of the technical controls, which make up a majority of the costs associated with PCI compliance.


Are your services fault-tolerant, and what does your availability look like on a regular basis?

Yes. TokenEx maintains a fully redundant, fault-tolerant environment within each of our facilities in the U.S. and Europe. We take our availability very seriously. In fact, we take it so seriously that we make our uptime — which is monitored by an independent third party — available in our portal for our customers and prospects to see at any time.


How does your solution help if I’m breached?

If you suffer a breach, TokenEx can help protect you from the costs associated with losing valuable, sensitive data. You still need to take steps to improve your security and lock down your environment, but with TokenEx, you don’t store sensitive data in your systems — meaning only non-sensitive tokens can be stolen. You don’t lose any real data, and you don’t have to pay any fines or send out breach notifications. Your data, your customers, and your business are all safe.


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