Preventing data theft while helping organizations reduce the costs associated with PCI 

Between compliance mandates, the relentlessness of today’s attackers, and the complexity of IT environments, protecting sensitive data has never been more important or more challenging.

Less than a decade ago, TokenEx embarked on a journey to bring organizations a solution that could reduce risk and lessen the burden of reaching and maintaining compliance with PCI DSS. What began as a means of replacing payment card data with undecipherable tokens evolved into a secure platform as-a-service offering. By integrating tokenization, encryption, data vaulting and key management with a secure cloud computing platform, TokenEx established itself as a safe haven for sensitive data.

In this case study, you will learn:

  • Compliance audits are way simpler with Armor
  • TokenEx cloud tokenization drastically reduces PCI DSS scope

  • Armor empowered expanded geographic reach, and operational scalability

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