Credit Card Data Vaulting Increases Efficiency, Security

credit card vaultingOne of the biggest barriers to PCI compliance for many businesses is simply storing credit card information. There are plenty of reasons to keep credit card info close to hand. For instance, you might offer recurring payments to your customers. You could need the data for record-keeping purposes. You might even want to store data for customers to use on an e-commerce site. In all of these cases, one of the best solutions for remaining compliant is credit card data vaulting.

Credit card vaulting is a straightforward and easy-to-implement solution for almost every business. What are the benefits of using TokenEx’s credit card vaulting over securing the data yourself? There are several, including:

  • Reduced PCI Compliance Obligations – By removing credit card data from your environment, you also remove it from the scope of your PCI compliance. The sensitive credit card values are stored in TokenEx’s secure off-site data vault with granular, multi-factor authentication controls.
  • Increased SecurityCredit card data vaulting does not only remove card data from your systems. It also keeps that data in a secure data vault that only you can access. Your data is backed up regularly in case of emergencies, and it’s secured with industry-standard encryption. Plus,
  • Retained Control – With TokenEx, you keep control of your data. If you ever want to change your system or work with a new payment processor, we won’t prevent you from accessing your credit card numbers. Instead, we work with you and your preferred gateway to make transitions as smooth as possible.
  • Recurring Payments – If you want to enable automatic recurring payments at your business, or you want to allow customers to save credit card information in their profile, you need a solution that combines security with ease-of-access. TokenEx can quickly transmit credit card information to your site for transactions, and can even work directly with processors to enable recurring payments.

If you want to get the best security for your credit card data while retaining access and reducing compliance, there is really only one solution. To learn more about credit card vaulting from TokenEx, visit our services page or contact us today.

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