Modern Payments Systems: Complete Freedom and Flexibility

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Technology has given us the freedom to access data digitally from almost anywhere in the world using a variety of devices and channels. The flexibility and convenience this provides is now a fundamental part of how we operate, and it’s become an expectation for users when they visit ecommerce stores or perform other digital transactions.

Because of this new standard for user experiences and the obvious advantages offered by greater flexibility, today’s digital payments systems must deliver the freedom merchants need to accommodate transactions from any channel and to interact with multiple third parties and endpoints. These features are essential to the modern payments process, and when they’re not available or properly executed, they can limit the functionality of an organization’s systems and the value of its data.

For example, when customers can’t pay via their desired device, it can lead to missed opportunities—meaning lost sales. If merchants can’t carefully select their third-party relationships and find the best processors, service providers, or gateways for their needs, they can become trapped by costly processing fees or pricing structures that don’t fit their businesses. In both instances, a lack of flexibility is affecting organizations’ bottom lines.

No matter what device or channel a potential customer is using to initiate a transaction, merchants should be able to capture that payment data, secure it, and process it. When working with a proficient provider, this can occur without requiring the merchant to ingest sensitive data in an unprotected form. The result is a secure solution for providing comprehensive payments coverage.

Whether the destination for payment data is a processor, gateway, service provider, or other endpoint, you need the ability to add it to your payments flow without interrupting service or otherwise adversely affecting your business-as-usual processes. Additionally, you should be able to add or remove these third parties as you see fit, enabling you to pursue the best possible integrations and processor relationships for your organization’s unique needs.

Security Meets Functionality: Freedom and Flexibility in Data Protection

With TokenEx, you can do both. Our data-centric security model can help you align security with operations to enable flexible integrations and generate positive business results. TokenEx’s nimble Cloud Security Platform functions as the fabric of a unified digital ecosystem with universal token storage for optimum security, privacy, and compliance.

It starts by allowing for the capture of sensitive data via any acceptance channel. That data can then be transmitted to TokenEx via batch and/or real-time API processes. By using our iFrame solution, for example, you can tokenize sensitive data directly from your checkout page or another web form, protecting it at the point of acceptance and sending it to TokenEx via a simple API call. As a result, you can prevent sensitive data from entering your internal systems—minimizing PCI DSS compliance scope while maintaining the existing look and feel of your website.

Additionally, The TokenEx platform doesn’t limit you to one payment provider or data processor. Rather, our patented Transparent Gateway enables you to transmit tokenized data to any payment gateway, processor, service provider, or other API endpoint. This empowers you to send your data to multiple destinations and add or remove them as you see fit.

Exchange it for a nonsensitive placeholder token to be used within your internal systems

The Transparent Gateway is built to work in the background without disrupting existing business operations or requiring significant changes to your systems. Using the Transparent Gateway API, you can transfer fully secure and desensitized data to any API endpoint without it ever entering your environment. PII compliance solutions like this help to reduce scope and simplify the compliance process for many regulatory obligations such as the PCI DSS compliance, NACHA compliance, CCPA, GDPR, and more.

Securely transmit sensitive payment data to any API endpoint

Build for Tomorrow and Today

TokenEx is committed to protecting the world’s most sensitive data, but the true value of our platform is the freedom and flexibility it provides. With the ability to tokenize any structured data set from any acceptance channel and then transmit that data to any API endpoint, our modern security architecture serves as a central integrator for your organization, allowing you to drive digital transformation, build creative solutions, and achieve an optimized future state for your internal systems.

For more information about the TokenEx platform, reach out to with any questions or request a demo today.