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Airlines and travel companies need to be able to accept payment data simply and securely. Pretty much all businesses do. But that’s a lot easier said than done.

There are tons of ways data can enter business systems. Unfortunately, they can be difficult to defend without hurting your business’s ability to run smoothly.

On top of that, once the data is gathered, it likely needs to be shared with a complex network of third-party partners and technologies.

So, what’s the solution? Flexible data protection that allows you to collect data from—and share it with—any third party.

“TokenEx fit our problem perfectly,” Tablet Hotels Head of Engineering Henry Mendez Jr. said. “It’s beneficial for reducing risk and showing our parent company, Michelin, that security is one of our top priorities. It also has the backend flexibility we need to transfer data to our partners without bringing PCI into our networks.”

At TokenEx, we have an especially valuable technology called “proxy tokenization.” Proxy tokenization enables businesses to protect sensitive data collected from a third party before it enters their environment.

“It supports a use case that’s very common in the hospitality, travel, and airline industries,” TokenEx Founder Alex Pezold said. “These companies need to be able to safely collect reservation info from global distribution systems and other partners without exposing themselves to unnecessary risk.”

In other words, it cleanses data before you get it, which helps you safely accept and store it before sending it to your chosen endpoint.

Why Fly TokenEx?
  • Easier payments so guests spend more and keep coming back
  • The freedom to offer upsells like trip insurance and flexible financing
  • Better security for your customers and easier compliance for your company

Several of our customers in these industries use this technology to tokenize incoming data from booking engines and other partners, such as the issuers of their branded credit cards.

This gives travel companies the freedom to expand their business operations without the risk and compliance scope of handling raw payment information.

“It’s such a core underlying part of our stack,” Snaptravel Co-Founder and CTO Henry Shi said. “There’s no real alternative.”

Beside using proxy tokenization, travel companies can use TokenEx to redirect sensitive data from other channels, as well.

For example, one of our large airline clients also receives payment data via web applications, mobile devices, call centers, and airport kiosks. It uses TokenEx to cleanse that date before any of it hits its environment.

The benefit is simple. Because raw cardholder data does not enter the company’s internal systems, those systems are not subject to the full scope of compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard.

Additionally, no raw card data is stored internally, so a breach of those systems would not reveal sensitive customer payment information.

Security, compliance, and flexibility are all wrapped up into one. So you can accept, secure, and transact simply and smoothly.

Since 2010, we’ve partnered with our clients to protect and share their most sensitive data. Unlike other providers, we don’t hold it captive.

Instead, we give you more ways to use it safely. As a result, you can add value to your data and to your business.

Our platform has served more than 300 clients in many industries around the world. We’re known for helping with false declines, processor lock-in, and PCI compliance. We can even improve your authorization rates by up to 5 percentage points.

So, you can feel confident when your customers pay.