Keep Customer Card Data Updated for Seamless Recurring Payments

The secure tokenization of cardholder data to reduce the risk and impact of data breaches while minimizing the cost, complexity, and scope of regulatory compliance is the foundation of TokenEx’s Cloud Security Platform. However, the true value of our solution is the freedom and flexibility we provide via simple integrations and complementary services for facilitating positive business outcomes. One such value-add is our new Account Updater service, which enables our clients to maintain up-to-date customer cardholder data without reintroducing PANs or other sensitive card information to their environments.

From streaming services to gym memberships, regular subscription fees and other types of recurring transactions are common forms of payment for businesses of all industries. Many organizations rely on these repeat transactions to generate predictable revenue, but when a customer’s card expires or is canceled due to theft or loss, those recurring payments are in jeopardy.


To address this issue, TokenEx created a new Account Updater service for stored cardholder data. This additional feature of our Cloud Security Platform enables our clients to refresh card-on-file data to maintain accurate payment information for their customers without ingesting sensitive card details. The result is fewer declines, increased consumer satisfaction, improved business retention, and reduced overall costs—with no complex file creation or significant coding.

Account Updater Explained

An account updater service exchanges account information updates between card issuers and acquirers (or service providers) for credential-on-file merchants. The account updater service provider will pass the account updater files to the credential-on-file merchants to provide the merchant with up-to-date payment card information, creating a more seamless payment process as cards expire and new cards are issued.

Typically, merchants store data from multiple card brands, so the account updater service provider will have to inquire for all brands included in the merchant’s updater inquiry file. The account updater service provider will pass on the request for each card to the corresponding card network, who will find the issuer for each card to retrieve the updated card information. This information is then compiled into an updater file that is returned to the service provider and ultimately to the merchant.


In this fashion, TokenEx’s Account Updater allows for the updating of cardholder data by preparing a basic batch file containing the card details and corresponding TokenEx tokens. When this data is gathered, it can be simply transferred to TokenEx where it will be detokenized before it’s sent to the card brands to be updated. Once TokenEx receives the response file from the card brands, we tokenize the data therein, generating new tokens for updated card information. Lastly, the tokenized response file is returned to the client so card-on-file data can be updated.

This entire process occurs without exposing your organization to the risk and PCI DSS compliance scope associated with storing cardholder data. Additionally, it can simplify billing practices and other financial operations, secure greater streams of regular income, increase the lifetime value of clients, better predict recurring revenue, encourage repeat customers, and prevent lapses in insurance coverage or delays in medical treatment due to outdated cardholder data.


Benefits & Features

  • No setup fee
  • Simple implementation
  • Prevent the decline of monthly payments, donations, and other repeat transactions
  • Embrace paperless billing by enabling recurring digital payments
  • Safely store customer cardholder data for easier checkouts

Prevent Card Declines and Processing Failures

With Account Updater, you can keep your customer card information updated and protected—without ever requiring you to touch a PAN. The new PANs from the updated accounts are tokenized and safely stored so our customers’ business-as-usual process can continue uninterrupted. You also receive the risk- and scope-reducing benefits of our proven Cloud Security Platform.

To learn more about our Account Updater service, register for our “Seamless Recurring Payments with Account Updater” webinar here. For more information about our platform, reach out to us at


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