Multi-Tenant Tokenization Provides A Practical Solution

Multi-Tenant Tokenization Provides A Practical Solution

Last week we looked at Single-Tenant Tokenization and how it maximizes performance and security. Unfortunately, budgetary constraints and program initiatives are the main issues in deciding between Single-Tenant versus Multi-Tenant tokenization. The reality for most organizations is a limited budget in choosing security solutions. In a prefect world, organizations would have unlimited funds with endless amounts of mindshare, but such is not the case and you have to tailor your security initiatives accordingly. Multi-Tenant Tokenization provides a practical solution for growing companies where budgets are not in surplus.

Multi-Tenant tokenization is like living in an apartment complex that has common facilities for the building—power, HVAC, water—but has completely separate and secure living spaces for each tenant. You share the plumbing with other tenants, but not your kitchen. Your apartment is separate and secure. Only you have the keys to access what’s inside it. So it is with each tenant’s data.

Do I get the Same Level Of Security with Multi-Tenant Tokenization?

No question. While you are sharing tenancy you still are running one instance of the application on one instance of a database and can still provide web access to multiple customers. Therefore, each tenant's data is isolated and remains invisible to other tenants. You still get almost all of the same PCI compliance/scope reduction as you would with Single-Tenant, but you are not spending an arm and a leg to do it.

A well-thought-out Multi-Tenant Business Architecture allows a SaaS Vendor unprecedented visibility into the actual usage of the system in ways a Single-Tenant does not. A Multi-Tenant model by nature is the hub for multiple types of businesses to store their sensitive data. It is very easy to deduce all types of analytics from traffic volumes, transaction types, multiple traffic sources, to put together a security strategy that most greatly benefits your bottom line.

TokenEx is a Multi-Tenant iPaaS Platform

The TokenEx Cloud Platform is a multi-tenancy iPaaS (infrastructure Platform as a Service) specially designed for high-security and maximum computing resource efficiency. Multi-tenancy simply means that each client is maintained as a separate tenant and all your data—payment card data, tokens, and PII—is kept separate from all other tenants. Yet all tenants take advantage of the same software features as well as the computing infrastructure. TokenEx offers all Tokenization integration through FireHost Cloud Hosting.

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