Neocloak offers low-latency enterprise database security

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Software companies, technology firms, and large enterprises often collect and store sensitive consumer information. These personal data sets–names, addresses, Social Security numbers, driver’s license numbers, etc.–can be extremely valuable for business purposes. Unfortunately, that also makes them potential targets for hackers.

To protect this sensitive data, many organizations store it in internal databases known as data warehouses or data lakes. These secure repositories of data are designed to limit access and reduce exposure to sensitive data. However, because this data is often encrypted or otherwise obfuscated, it can be difficult to use for day-to-day operations.

That’s why TokenEx built Neocloak, our latest offering for protecting personal data. Neocloak is a cloud-based security software-as-a-service that tokenizes sensitive personal data. It makes it easy for developers and technical personnel to pseudonymize this data, rendering it useless to bad actors while still preserving its utility.

As a result, they can integrate our market-leading tokenization solution directly into their own cloud environment and support critical functions, such as database queries, with minimal latency.

How is this different from the standard TokenEx platform? 

Neocloak is based in Amazon Web Services and is available to use only as a standalone tokenization vault for personal data. It leverages our ASCII token scheme, so it cannot tokenize payment data such as credit card and bank account numbers. It also cannot be used in concert with features and services of the standard TokenEx platform, such as the iFrame, Transparent Gateway, Network Tokens, etc.

This doesn’t mean you can’t tokenize payment data or use other features if you’re using Neocloak. It just means that you have to do it separately. In other words, you can still use the standard platform in addition to Neocloak, but they are not cross-compatible. Tokens generated in one cannot interact with or be transferred to the other.

What is the use case for Neocloak?

Organizations that need to securely store and quickly query massive volumes of sensitive data can do so safely with Neocloak. Whether an accounting department needs to reference stored customer information to reconcile billing or a health professional needs to access sensitive portions of a patient’s medical records, Neocloak can support database searches without adding significant latency to the process.

What are the benefits?
  • Easier to use than pure encryption 

  • Can be used alongside other security tech for a “tiered” security approach (e.g. encryption at rest and in transit) 

  • Can be plugged into existing infrastructure with minimal latency 

  • Preserves record utility

  • Register, configure, and pay using your cloud provider

  • Purely consumptive, pay-as-you-go pricing 

How can I get it?

Neocloak is self-registerable and self-configurable via Amazon Web Services. To sign up, you first must have an AWS account.

Contact one of our data protection experts today to learn more about Neocloak, how it can help your organization, and how to access it via the Amazon Marketplace.