Payment Orchestration: Improve your Payment Stack

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Welcome to the latest edition of the IXOPAY customer webinar series! As part of our ongoing commitment to enhancing your experience with our platforms, we’ve hosted a webinar to delve into the capabilities of IXOPAY’s payment orchestration solution and how it integrates seamlessly with the TokenEx platform. In this blog, we’ll recap the key points and insights shared during the session.

Why the Merger?

The merger between TokenEx and IXOPAY was driven by a singular vision: to better serve our customers by offering a comprehensive payments optimization platform. This unified platform combines the strengths of TokenEx and IXOPAY, providing merchants with a best-in-class suite of products to address the evolving needs of the market. The enhanced platform offers omnichannel tokenization, payments orchestration, and full card lifecycle management, empowering merchants to control their payments strategy and revenue more effectively.

Benefits of the Legacy TokenEx Platform

TokenEx has enabled merchants to manage their payment data through its universal token. This functionality is crucial as merchants often handle multiple payment processors for various reasons such as geography, flexibility, conversion rates, and interchange fees. By using a universal token, TokenEx simplifies the management of multiple processors, providing omnichannel payment security, flexibility, and the ability to switch between processors effortlessly.

IXOPAY’s Orchestration Capabilities

IXOPAY’s payment orchestration platform helps clients manage multiple payment service providers, gateways, and financial institutions through a single unified platform. This capability is especially beneficial for global merchants needing to cater to diverse customer preferences and payment methods. 

Key features of the IXOPAY platform include:

  • Automated Reconciliation and Settlement: Streamlines the process of tracking and settling payments accurately, reducing the burden on finance teams.
  • Dynamic Transaction Routing: Uses advanced routing rules to optimize each transaction’s path based on success rates, costs, and other factors, enhancing efficiency and reducing costs.
  • Consolidated Payment Data: Provides a single source of truth for payment data, facilitating better insights and reporting.
  • Intelligent Routing Engine: Optimizes payment transactions by automatically routing them to the most effective processor.
  • Risk Management Engine: Monitors transactions in real-time to detect and prevent fraud, supporting over 40 different risk rules and integrating with external risk providers.

Impact on Existing TokenEx Customers

For existing TokenEx customers, the transition to a combined platform will not affect the functionality of the products they currently use. The integration process is designed to be seamless, ensuring that the benefits and features of TokenEx continue to be available. Customers can expect potential changes in support processes, which will be communicated well in advance.

Success Stories

For current TokenEx customers interested in IXOPAY features, Mo shared several success stories highlighting the effectiveness of the IXOPAY platform:

  • DHL: Implemented IXOPAY across 97 countries in just 18 months, integrating 23 new payment service providers and consolidating settlement and reconciliation reports for improved financial workflows.
  • Delivery Hero: Eliminated physical cash handling in 21 countries, enhancing operational efficiency and reducing security risks by adopting IXOPAY’s cash-based payment methods.
  • Leveraged IXOPAY’s scalability to handle massive transaction volumes efficiently while maintaining high security and compliance standards, particularly benefiting from IXOPAY’s dynamic routing and risk management features.

Future Expectations from the Combined Platform

Customers can look forward to a platform that combines the stability and flexibility of TokenEx with the powerful orchestration capabilities of IXOPAY. This integration offers unprecedented control over revenue, enhanced transaction routing, and improved reconciliation processes. The combined platform is designed to provide trust, speed, and independence, ensuring customers can adapt quickly to new opportunities and challenges in the payment landscape.

Moving Forward

The IXOPAY and TokenEx merger marks an exciting chapter in delivering unparalleled payment solutions. By integrating the strengths of both platforms, our company has committed to empowering our customers with the tools and insights needed to optimize their payment strategies and drive success in a rapidly evolving market.

For more detailed information about the changes, contact your Customer Success Manager today!