Payment Service Providers Lack Flexibility

Are you locked into one payment service provider (PSP) for your tokenization solution? What do you when your current PSP goes offline? What do you do when you need to utilize multiple PSPs in different geographical regions? PSPs have long held organizations hostage with onerous contracts, high transaction rates, and long, cumbersome integrations. To ensure lock-in, a good number of PSP tokenization solutions will not give your payment and token data back to you when you want to go with another provider to obtain better pricing or service. Is your organization getting the most out of your PSP tokenization solution—or the short end of the stick?

Selecting a PSP on Your Terms

Many organizations are at the mercy of only being able to use one PSP at a time. The integration process alone is terribly time consuming, so it’s often not worth the cost to integrate with multiple PSPs. This becomes a big problem in today’s global market, because enterprises need to offer omni-channel payment acceptance to their customers, which requires using multiple PSPs in different regions.

Transparent Gateway

The TokenEx Transparent Gateway enables you to easily choose among the many payment processors to obtain the best rates, programs, incentives, and service levels. Because your payment data and tokens are securely stored and managed by TokenEx, the Transparent Gateway gives you the ability to change payment processors as you see fit, so you can negotiate the best deal among competing processors. Should one of your payment processors become unavailable, the Transparent Gateway enables you to quickly switch to a backup processor without recoding.

Utilizing Multiple PSPs While Avoiding Complexity

Many global enterprises need in-country payment processing. But managing the different payment message formats, routing numbers, and transaction parameters is time-consuming and error-prone. With the TokenEx Open Integration Platform, you don’t have to. TokenEx is payment processor agnostic, so we manage all the formats and parameters for processors and gateways already preconfigured for you. You just send the tokens along with the appropriate payment processor IDs and TokenEx takes care of all the nuances of data formatting.

Speeding Up Payment Data Flow

Another benefit of the Transparent Gateway is that it makes the content of the message you are forwarding to the payment gateway irrelevant to TokenEx systems. Since only the HTTP header is being interpreted by TokenEx to determine the location of the token in the message, the message’s contents does not need to be deciphered by TokenEx, thus speeding the flow of data among your systems, TokenEx Data Vaults, and the payment processors.

The TokenEx Transparent Gateway is empowering organizations globally to integrate with the PSPs of their choice, while keeping their sensitive payment data in the most secure tokenization solution available. For more information about the Transparent Gateway and TokenEx services, please review our educational content on or email Follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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