PCI London 2019: Staying Ahead of the Game

With major breaches such as the Marriott hack still fresh in the headlines, it’s as important as ever for organizations to understand the risks of handling payment card information and to be confident in their abilities to address them. On Jan. 24, 2019, the 18th meeting of PCI London convenes at the Park Plaza Victoria to provide a platform for discussing the challenges of maintaining compliance in an ever-changing PCI environment. Topics to be covered at the conference include why organizations are falling out of compliance, how best to prevent it in the future and what to look for in emerging technology trends.

This year, TokenEx is proud to be a presenter at the event, which gives us the opportunity to educate and empower those who share our pursuit of security and compliance in the payment space. TokenEx Head of Global Privacy and Compliance Solutions John Noltensmeyer will be leading a pair of seminars about approaching the security of PCI and privacy data with the goal of improving security strength, reducing the scope of a data environment and preparing organizations for changing regulations by going beyond minimum compliance.

The first seminar, “Best Practices for PCI Scope Reduction and Ongoing Compliance,” will show how limiting the size of an organization’s card data environment (CDE) can potentially reduce its risk and lower the cost of PCI compliance. For this seminar, Noltensmeyer will be joined by Kyte Director Trevor Axiak, a PCI Qualified Security Assessor (QSA), to discuss best practices for reducing your organization’s PCI scope. Noltensmeyer will focus on the PCI scope-reduction and data-security benefits of tokenization, including PCI tokenization can help you tokenize across all your payment-acceptance channels and utilize the gateway and payment processors of your choice without interruption.

The second seminar, “Continuous PCI and GDPR Compliance with Data-Centric Security,” will cover how to comply with increasing – and increasingly difficult-to-meet – compliance obligations for securing sensitive data types. Noltensmeyer will explain how protecting sensitive data at the point of acceptance can help you reduce risk, achieve PCI compliance and meet your obligations under the GDPR for “data protection by design and by default” – while still supporting day-to-day business processes.

Even when organizations achieve compliance, many struggle to maintain it between assessments, and it is seldom sufficient to secure an environment. However, by adhering to the practices presented in these seminars, it’s possible to meet compliance challenges effectively and affordably.

We hope to see you at PCI London 2019, either at one of our seminars or at our booth. If you can’t make it, follow us at @TokenEx and @NoDataNoTheft for updates and other insight. To learn more about us, our platform or our solutions, please contact info@tokenex.com with any questions you might have.

Topic(s): data security , PCI DSS , GDPR