Segment and Secure Sensitive Data with the Data Security Island

The enterprise today is a complex technological environment that has adapted over time to meet ever-changing business requirements. This is evidenced by the confluence of new technologies like Guidewire PolicyCenter and legacy integrations with backend mainframe applications. With more cloud-based applications being added to these evolving technological environments, business data is now at risk in ways it wasn’t when policy-management systems were siloed applications.

Data breaches are a daily conversation and now rank among the top three concerns CEOs have for their companies. The challenge that exists today is securely integrating these disparate systems while protecting the data they hold. Data is what drives the enterprise, in addition to being one of its greatest risks. Therefore, increasing regulatory and data-privacy compliance obligations, such as GDPR (EU), OAIC (Australia), PIPA (South Korea), HIPAA (US), and PCI DSS, also have to be considered.

An effective method for addressing these concerns without upsetting crucial business operations is segmenting sensitive data and removing it from your environment. Through the use of data security islands, as they’re most commonly called today, data can be accepted, secured, and de-identified before it arrives in the corporate environment for use in business applications and processes. TokenEx accomplishes this by partnering with Armor to provide a complete data-security solution. Our Data Security Island descopes and protects data accepting, securing, and devaluing it before it even enters your systems. Here’s how it works:

data_security_islandThe TokenEx Data Security Island enables you to:

  • Devalue and de-identify data before it enters your environment
  • Secure data using tokenization and encryption
  • Update internal technologies to meet business demands and compliance obligations while conducting business as usual
  • Reduce capital expenditure on new technology for better planning and capital outlay
Topic(s): payments , data security , tokenization , privacy

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