TokenEx Attends Gartner Symposium Event

Last week one of our Co-Founders, Alex Pezold, attended the Gartner Symposium event in Orlando, Florida to introduce TokenEx.  TokenEx was invited this year as our technology “continues to pop up on the Gartner radar,” and Gartner was interested in learning more about the products and services we provide.  This was great news for TokenEx as we know our products and services are superior in the market, and it’s definitely refreshing to hear that recognized and respected names like Garter are hearing about what we have to offer.

As one of the many high-points in talking with Gartner, Alex explained that TokenEx is truly processor and payment gateway agnostic.  Gartner was surprised by this capability because they have not yet run across a tokenization service provider that has remained independent of processor lock-in.  Gartner commented they wished they had known about TokenEx a month ago so TokenEx could have been featured in one of their research papers as a “new category of tokenization solution.”  And that, without a doubt, describes TokenEx.

Finally, the event was a marvel as the sheer number of people and facilities made available by Gartner were extraordinary.  Four hundred different sessions, hundreds of networking opportunities,  and the opportunity to talk with some of the leading researchers in the IT space made for a remarkable week.  Gartner truly knows how to host an event, and TokenEx was lucky to be invited to attend this year.  Thanks very much, Gartner!

Topic(s): payments , PCI DSS , tokenization