TokenEx Earns PCI Award of Excellence for Second-Straight Year

For the second year in a row, we received an Award of Excellence at PCI London for our work bolstering the security and compliance of our customers. These awards are given each year to participating organizations that best represent what the payment industry strives to achieve.

This year, we received our award for our partnership with Discount Tire. Using our TokenEx Cloud Security Platform, we enabled Discount Tire to de-identify personal data, effectively removing sensitive information from its environment while helping improve Discount Tire’s business processes. We were thrilled to return to the stage to accept the award, and we look forward to continuing to provide our partners with solutions worthy of recognition.

Streamlining and Securing the Application Process

At Discount Tire, completing a sale often requires both a credit check and a loan or credit card application. This means Discount Tire needs to collect a customer’s name, address, phone number, Social Security number, income, date of birth and signature, in addition to payment card information (PCI). The issue was customers were spending too much time fi­lling out applications, and then employees were exposing the customers’ personally identifiable information (PII) when they manually entered it into the point-of-sale system (POS). The PII also was stored in Discount Tire’s environment and then transmitted to fi­nancial partners for payment and credit approval, creating many points of vulnerability susceptible to a potential data breach.

Discount Tire recognized these hitches and saw an opportunity to streamline and better secure the entire process. By automating data entry, it could eliminate the need for employees to handle sensitive PII and remove entirely that sensitive data from Discount Tire’s internal systems. So, it needed a tokenization provider capable of safely tokenizing and vaulting the PII while integrating seamlessly with its existing POS system, payment processors and credit providers. TokenEx offered just that.

We worked with Discount Tire’s POS interface from Verifone to tokenize and remove the PII while maintaining the functionality of the associated tokens for use in business processes, marketing, analytics and more. Additionally, once an application is approved, we capture the number for the new Discount Tire credit card, tokenize it and then pass it along to Discount Tire for future use. This integration can work with any ­financial provider because TokenEx is an open integration platform that is payment-processor and ­platform agnostic.

We’d like to thank PCI London 2019 for again choosing us for the award and Discount Tire for being an excellent partner whom we take pleasure in serving. If you’re interested in reading the full case study about our solution for Discount Tire, you can download it here. To learn more about tokenization and how TokenEx can help you to secure any sensitive data set and achieve compliance, contact us here or email us directly at

2019 PCI Awards

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