TokenEx Partners with PDEX to Offer True Cost Processing for Not-For-Profits

TokeneEx Partners with Payment Data Exchange (PDEX) to offer “True Cost” Processing

TokenEx (Cloud Tokenization Security Solutions) has partnered with Payment Data Exchange (PDEX–Merchant Processor) to bring our Non-Profit customers $0.02 transaction fees per transaction, plus cost. I.E., we are offering “True Cost” pricing and our Cloud Tokenization Solution.

To explain "True Cost", we get access directly from the card brands to the cost for each card type (this is called Interchange).  Typically, company's like Payment Data Exchange will add on a certain percentage for their profit.  In this case, we are offering Non-Profits the cost straight from the card brands with 0% added on.  Also, the processor that we have the merchant setup with (in our case, it's Elavon) will charge a small transaction fee.  Again, just like the percentage markup, PDEX typically marks up a transaction fee to make money each time a card is swiped or keyed.  We are offering this transaction fee of  $0.02 per transaction. 

Why does a Payment Data Exchange/TokenEx  partnership sense for a Non-profit?

To give you an idea of how of your cost savings, a current TokenEx/PDEX customer) was already on an extremely aggressive rate plan and was paying cost + $0.04. Just cutting that transaction down to $0.02 saved them approximately $29,000/year.  These savings allowed the TokenEx/PDEX customer to pay for the TokenEx solution.

Why does Cloud Tokenization Make Sense for Your Non-Profit

  • Cloud Tokenization: Replaces sensitive data in your environment with a unique surrogate value called a “token”. By tokenizing this sensitive data, we significantly reduce an organization’s obligations and cost surrounding regulatory compliance, risk to exposure and auditing expenses.
  • TokenEx platform: Extracts payment card data from your environment. 100% of that sensitive information is then stored safely and securely off-premise in the TokenEx cloud vault, located in our PCI DSS Level 1 compliant environment.
  • Savings: The savings from no longer having the audit expenses associated with storing this toxic data will cover the cost of our services, while giving you the added benefit of risk reduction.
  • Tokenization Fees: Will be offset by the savings from reduced Payment Data Exchange Pricing

​Why Does Payment Data Exchange (PDEX) make sense for your Non-Profit?

  • Payment Data Exchange is a Registered MSP/ISO of Elavon, a wholly owned subsidiary of U.S. Bancorp. 
  • Flat Fee Pricing:  Providers who offer this pricing structure give merchants one rate for all their processing.  ie: 2.75% Swiped and 3.50% Keyed.  The problem for merchants here is the provider has a tremendous markup on the vast majority of the cards that cost less (Debit, Rewards, etc). 
  • Flat Fee Markup:  Our solution gives you Interchange Pass-Through, which is the true cost straight from the card brands for every card type.  Therefore, you're not getting just one rate.  You're getting access to EVERY rate from the card brands, which ensures you get the cheapest rate on every transaction.  These are the same rates that major retailers pay and you can't get it cheaper.  The Flat Fee is our markup and remains the same each month.  So, we don't make more when you sell more.

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