TokenEx partners with leading governance, risk and compliance platform, SureCloud

Data security companies look forward to “complementary” combination of security solutions

TokenEx and SureCloud announced today that they are partnering to further streamline compliance for both entities’ customers.

“I am very excited about our partnership with SureCloud,” said TokenEx Head of Global Privacy and Compliance Solutions John Noltensmeyer. “Our clients come to TokenEx because they generally have a compliance obligation in addition to wanting to protect the sensitive data in their environments. Often, they are subject to multiple compliance mandates such as the PCI DSS as well as GDPR. Having a partner like SureCloud, who provides their customers with a way to manage their risk and compliance efforts, enables our mutual customers to demonstrate the value of the TokenEx platform in a way that might not otherwise be available to them.”

SureCloud’s industry-leading GRC (governance, risk, and compliance) platform is focused on delivering a purpose-built, SaaS workflow and assessment solution that TokenEx is utilizing to further solidify its commitment to reducing risk and scope for clients. SureCloud clients consistently are able to implement GRC programs in less than three weeks, which is a testament to the power and ease-of-use in the offering.

“Both SureCloud and TokenEx are in the business of streamlining the process of cybersecurity compliance measures with regulatory and privacy solutions. While SureCloud clients manage the overall GRC program in the SureCloud platform, they also look for vendors that enable the technical controls themselves, which is where TokenEx comes in. We look forward to working with them in the future,” said Kathleen Randall, EVP of SureCloud’s North American business.

SureCloud is a rapidly growing GRC and cybersecurity solutions provider specializing in security, risk and assurance applications that include vulnerability management, risk management, policy management, compliance management, internal audit, incident management, business continuity management, and third-party risk management.

“The TokenEx and SureCloud solutions are very complementary,” Noltensmeyer said. “They can both be utilized by organizations attempting to meet the requirements of an increasingly complex regulatory environment. Anyone utilizing TokenEx to protect their data is likely to see the value in SureCloud’s offerings and vice versa.”

TokenEx is a cloud-based data-protection platform, providing tokenization, pseudonymization, encryption, and data vaulting as a unified Software as a Service (SaaS) for all sensitive data sets. Designed from the beginning to be completely payment-processor agnostic, the cloud platform works transparently with existing business systems and payment-service providers.

Because of its reputation for seamless integrations, TokenEx has become an industry leader for its ability to work in the background. Without disrupting existing business processes, TokenEx completely removes payment, personal and health data from an environment, replacing it with nonsensitive data values called tokens. Once the sensitive data is removed, even a successful breach of an organization’s systems results in no loss. Sensitive data remains safely vaulted and can be accessed only by swapping tokens for the original corresponding data – no data, no theft.

About SureCloud

SureCloud is a provider of cloud-based, integrated Risk Management products and Cybersecurity services, which reinvent the way you manage risk. SureCloud connects the dots with integrated Risk Management solutions enabling you to make better decisions and achieve your desired business outcomes. SureCloud is underpinned by a highly configurable technology platform, which is simple, intuitive and flexible. Unlike other GRC Platform providers, SureCloud is adaptable enough to fit your current business processes without forcing you to make concessions during implementation, meaning you get immediate and sustained value from the outset. Learn more at

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