TokenEx Performance Enhancements & API Access Control Capabilities

TokenEx has exciting news about our performance.  Since my last blog post, TokenEx has seen a nice increase in the use of our platform. With this increase, you don’t need to worry about our capacity. With our current platform, we are capable of responding to approximately twelve (12) transaction requests every second, and we are continuously improving our software to increase this capacity.  To put this in perspective, we have the capacity to handle 31,536,000 transactions annually. Fortunately for those of you whose annual transaction volume is greater than 31,536,000, we have the ability to scale out past our current infrastructure without batting an eye. I challenge you to make us push that expansion ahead of schedule!

Also in a near future release, we are going to support ACLs at the API function level, meaning you will be able to specify which API functions you want available for your overall account as well as specific IP addresses. In this scenario, host A may have one set of ACLs while host B may have different access using the same account.  We will provide you with configuration guidance prior to launch.

As always, if you have any questions about the information above, please Contact Us.

Topic(s): payments , data security , PCI DSS , tokenization

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