TokenEx Provides Freedom of Choice to Use Multiple PSPs

TokenEx Provides Freedom of Choice to Use Multiple PSPs

Without the right integration partner, global organizations face a complicated situation when trying to use multiple Payment Service Providers (PSPs) to conduct business. They may need to tokenize payment data across multiple PSPs for business purposes, such as for in-country settlement. Or an e-commerce web site builder needs to provide a single universal token vault across multiple PSPs to service a merchant customer base. How difficult is it to integrate with and use multiple PSPs?

Organizations Need to Work with Multiple PSPs

While some merchants may be satisfied working with one PSP at a time, there are many advantages to being able to switch among PSPs as needed, either for better service, cost savings, customer location, currency, or as a backup service. Some e-commerce service providers manage web stores for multiple clients, each of which wants to use their PSP of choice. There are many reasons to be able to use multiple PSPs and TokenEx makes it simple to do so.

TokenEx Integrates with Any PSP

TokenEx provides clients with the ability to integrate with over 50 payment gateways, and send payments to any of them they choose. We can efficiently program new interfaces to payment providers by request for special business cases. Clients using TokenEx to safeguard their payment processing can settle accounts in wherever locale they want to, in any currency. Using the TokenEx Cloud Data Security Platform, clients can do all of the above, while reducing the risk of data breaches and lowering the cost of PCI compliance through a single integration point.

Use Multiple PSPs with Integration Options

TokenEx provides two integration options for our clients. The first is the direct connect integration, where our clients use our Web Services API to tokenize payment data and TokenEx passes transactional information to any of the designated PSPs. The second option is through our Transparent Gateway, an elegant programmable solution that uses message headers within the payment payload to guide transactions through the TokenEx environment an onward to the PSP of choice. Using the TokenEx Transparent Gateway has the added advantage that multiple PSPs can be programmed as payment destinations, and the client can instantly choose which gateway to use, just by changing the message header of the payment package. This also provides an instant backup method should a primary PSP become unavailable.

Universal Token Vaults Simplifies Token Management

TokenEx provides a universal token vault for our clients to collect and store PANs and tokens across multiple PSPs and e-commerce stores. This alleviates the pain of managing individual token vaults for each PSP and each store. Using one universal token vault also prevents conflicts among incompatible tokenization schemes. Using the TokenEx Universal Token Vault, clients can make payments to any PSP using one token. Integrating with one API reduces complexities of working with multiple PSPs for payment processing.

Industry Leading Customer Support Keeps Payments Flowing

TokenEx offers unmatched service with a 24x7x365 support line. Clients have all the benefits of a universal token vault, integrations to PSPs and banks anywhere in the world, and the flexibility to use as many gateways as they need. Using the TokenEx platform, clients are not constrained by PSPs limited to specific geographies, so they can rapidly grow in global markets to increase sales and revenue.

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