Use Data Vaulting to Keep Your Data Safe & Accessible

For many customers with data security concerns, data vaulting is an excellent proposition. Data vaults allow you to securely store sensitive information and remove it from your environment. However, for many customers, the data in their vault is still critical for their day-to-day operations. It’s challenging to find a solution that keeps data secure, but also allows access when you need it.

At TokenEx, we’re sensitive to these concerns. That’s why we’ve developed our data vaulting solution that offers the maximum level of security, while also maintaining instant accessibility to customers who want to access their stored data when they need it.

In terms of availability, TokenEx’s data vaulting service offers several advantages over using your own system. First, TokenEx maintains a high-availability environment. Data is constantly synced between multiple locations to ensure you can reach it and that it’s always safe. Each location where your data resides maintains a level of security consistent with industry best practices, and these locations are audited by an independent auditor at least once a year.

We also use a very robust access control model to protect the data you store in your TokenEx data vault. This includes using TokenEx’s multi-factor authentication model to verify a customers’ identity and permissions before allowing them to access or edit data.

When you do need to access your data, the process for getting it back is simple. TokenEx encrypts the original data in your data vault, and we also tokenize different values and pass copies of the tokens to you. When you need a certain piece of data, you send the token back, and we’ll return only the data that you need based on your authorization model. That way you don’t expose unnecessary data or keep it in your environment. You only receive the exact values you ask for.

Because TokenEx’s data vaulting system allows you to move your data off-site, you can also use it as a compliance solution. Tokenized data - the data you keep - is not under the scope of PCI or HIPAA compliance, meaning you can keep tokens in your environment without making them part of your compliance scheme. Meanwhile, TokenEx’s own data centers are PCI Level 1 certified, and we assume all the risk and compliance obligations for the data stored in our systems.

If your business model requires you to work with sensitive data regularly, you need a way to keep it safe. Data vaulting from TokenEx allows you to store and retrieve the data you need while keeping the freedom of not having it in your own environment. If you want to learn more about how our data vaulting service can help your business, contact us today.

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