Vaulting Credit Card Data Reduces Risk

Vaulting Credit Card Data Reduces Risk

You have all your security controls in place, you’ve met your compliance objectives for the year, and you’re looking into that new box with the blinky light that is the “next gen” solution that’s going to revolutionize and disrupt the information security space.  Wait a second, isn’t that what Target did?  That sounds strangely like Neiman Marcus. Was it them?  Oh yeah, that’s right, it was Sony 2 years ago, no?  You get the point.  Layering your security controls is very important, but nothing could be a better solution than simply getting rid of the data that malicious entities are after, right? Vaulting credit card data reduces risk.

Using the TokenEx Card Vaulting solution, you can remove sensitive data from your environment and remove the risk of storing such data, removing the crown-jewel most attackers are after.

What is it?

-        Card vaulting, as it relates to the TokenEx platform, is a secured cloud-based data security platform where organizations store their sensitive data and are returned a token to store in place of that sensitive data.

Why do I want to do it?

-        Risk – Ultimately, you want to get rid of the risk of storing sensitive data.

-        Compliance – Card Vaulting can absolutely reduce the compliance burden for customers.     For example, PCI has numerous requirements around the storage of payment card data which can present burden and cost to an organization.  If you’re no longer storing PCI Data, these controls are no longer applicable.

-        Risk more so than compliance – Ultimately, the risk conversation is the biggest push for vaulting data outside of your environment.  Considering the cost of a data breach, the risk of storing sensitive data is too great anymore.

How does it work?

-        Using acceptance channels, you securely send data to TokenEx. This is done through Web services, eCommerce, Batch Processing, etc.  TokenEx offers the broadest array of acceptance channels on the market.

-        Once the data reaches TokenEx, we tokenize and store your sensitive data.  We also return a token for you to store in place of your sensitive data that maintains the format of the original data set.

-        What happens if you need the data back?  TokenEx offers unlimited flexibility in how you access, store, and secure your data.

Why should I vault with TokenEx?

-        There is not a Data Security Company who understands securing data better than TokenEx.

o   Data Security background

o   Acceptance Channels


Batch Processing

Web Services

Virtual Terminal Proxy

P2PE Solutions


o   Data Set Acceptance

  • TokenEx can vault/tokenize any type of data. Many tokenization services only work with payment card data, but that isn’t the case with TokenEx. No matter what kind of data you need to secure, our Data Vaulting service can help you. Medical information, bank account data, images, PDF files – any sensitive files that you need to protect, we can handle. When you need to use your data again, you just send us the matching token, and we’ll send you the associated data. You never need to store or secure it yourself, keeping your risk and compliance obligations as low as possible.

Credit Card Vaulting as a Solution

Often times, companies feel that they will be the best stewards of their data and spend copious amounts of time, money, and energy finding expensive and inefficient security solutions. TokenEx understands the massive expense of data security, and that is why we offer a transparent pricing structure based on how much you utilize our platform. Our customers are generally able to pay for our service through savings in auditing expenses & other related costs.

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