Is TokenEx a Good Fit for My Business?

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If you ask any sales teams, they will probably tell you that a common response that prospects have is, “I’m not sure if this product is a good fit for my business.” Prospects need to know if a company’s offerings meet their specific business needs and goals. To address this concern, let’s look at an overview of what TokenEx offers to help you decide if we are a good fit for your organization. Indeed, this helps prevent wasting time and money on a tokenization solution that isn’t aligned with your needs.  

Customer Fit is Important 

Customer fit refers to a company’s products or services being aligned with a customer’s unique needs. For example, TokenEx was a customer fit for Acima, a point-of-sale leasing solution that needed to increase the redundancy, flexibility, and affordability of its payment processing. By partnering with us, this client began directing all transactions to the TokenEx platform, which allowed this fintech organization to migrate easily without additional costs. As a result, Acima saved thousands of dollars annually due to being able to negotiate with multiple PSPs, could instantly transition 100% of their transaction volume to new payment processors, and established seamless recurring payments with Account Updater. Additionally, TokenEx was a customer fit for Pay N Seconds (PNS). This payment processor needed to establish a cloud token environment independent of its internal systems and payment service provider (PSP), maintain ownership of its tokens, and use those tokens to build customer profiles for future payments. Indeed, PNS reduced the cost and scope of PCI compliance, created consumer profiles for flexible, scheduled, and recurring payments, and facilitated hundreds of thousands of seamless transactions daily. 

Is TokenEx a Good Fit for Your Business?  

If you’re reading this article, you are likely trying to determine whether TokenEx can meet your business needs. It can be overwhelming having to research dozens of tokenization options, all with different services, products, implementation, pricing, and rules. TokenEx understands these challenges and wants to ensure that we are an ideal match for your company.  

Does your business use or need any of the following? If so, we are probably a good fit: 

  • Card-not-present transactions (e.g., card payments made via phone, mail, or online) 
  • Multiple processors or gateways
  • Needs to minimize risk and developer workload
  • Needs to reduce PCI scope
  • Structured data (e.g., credit card numbers, Social Security numbers, and ZIP codes) 
  • Support growth (flexible and scalable platform to grow with them)
  • Uptime/availability for processing transactions (our uptime availability is 99.99%) 
  • Wants the benefits of cloud software without sacrificing freedom or control 
Flexibility and Control 

If your company needs flexibility and control of third-party integrations (e.g., payment processors and gateways), TokenEx offers a powerful and agnostic platform to meet this need. The freedom to use any third-party integrations means your business can build unique, customizable solutions designed for your business needs rather than the provider. Indeed, you should be able to quickly implement the technologies your company requires to establish a holistic security solution.  

At TokenEx, our cloud tokenization platform helps simplify complex implementations by consolidating all sensitive data types into a single data protection platform. In turn, this will unify compliance and streamline your data environment. Our modern security architecture acts as a central integrator for your business, which allows you to scale, build creative solutions, and achieve optimized business operations and internal systems. As a result, the TokenEx Data Protection platform enables you to integrate with any third-party necessary for your data needs while simplifying your internal environment and facilitating positive business outcomes.    

PCI Compliance 

Depending on the type of data you store and handle, your business likely needs to meet PCI compliance. These requirements can be time-consuming and costly, which is why many organizations can benefit from working with a tokenization partner that helps maintain PCI compliance requirements for clients. Sensitive data needs to be protected from various origin points across different systems, which is essential for scope and risk reduction and to maintain company-wide regulatory compliance.  

Risk Reduction 

A central tokenization provider like TokenEx can span customer acquisition channels and different business systems to allow organizations to realize the value of customer insights. Additionally, our robust platform can remove the risk of holding sensitive data in its original form. TokenEx offers enterprise-grade data protection to protect all of your data sets, accept them via various channels, and send them to any endpoint. This commitment to data protection requires strict adherence to industry best practices like Zero Trust and data-centric security principles. As a result, TokenEx can help improve security, reduce the impact of a data breach, simplify any compliance requirements, and lower fraud and false declines.  

Choose a Reputable Tokenization Partner 

When it comes to your sensitive data and compliance regulations, it’s crucial to choose a partner with the expertise, reputation, and certifications to provide a custom security solution that prevents theft and meets business objectives. No matter the type of business, you deserve to work with a leading tokenization provider that has the security credentials to back up their claims and is transparent about what they do, how much it costs, how long it will take to achieve, and what type of support you will receive.  

Founded in 2010, TokenEx was initially established to reduce PCI scope and minimize the risks of accepting credit card data. Since then, this Oklahoma-based company has expanded to offer data protection for various use cases, including personal data, PII, PHI, ACH, and any other structured data set. Further, we also provide compliance solutions for GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, NACHA, and more. Our collective expertise in the payments and privacy industries enables us to guide your business through the complex processes of building a holistic and sustainable security solution. The TokenEx Data Protection platform provides safe and compliant collection, storage, and data processing for over 300 clients from diverse industries globally. In turn, this offloads the burden of protecting and storing sensitive data on their internal systems and virtually eliminates the risk of data theft.  

We hope you found this article helpful in your quest for an ideal tokenization provider. Hopefully, you now have a better idea of whether TokenEx is a good fit for your organization. If you are unsure, we encourage you to contact us to determine how we can help you achieve your business goals and data requirements.