Nonprofit Case Study

Increasing Donations With Omnichannel Payment Acceptance

For internet-savvy charities, a majority of donations come via their websites, making it easy for patrons to set up accounts and enter payment information. This provides the most frictionless funding method for a charity—as well as for the sponsors—to support causes almost anywhere in the world.

However, these recurring contributions are card-not-present transactions with the payment account numbers (PANs) stored in the financial systems for monthly reuse—easy pickings for hackers should the database be breached. TokenEx specializes in protecting this sensitive payment data.


"Working with the TokenEx team, it actually turned out to be simple. They advised us on selecting a new token format based on a standard that is easier to use among all the different banks we deal with. After that, TokenEx used their batch processing to convert, upload, and vault all our existing data. That phase, including setting up the APIs and ridding our systems of all payment data took only 2-3 weeks. I wish all my projects could go as smoothly." IT DIRECTOR OF INTERNATIONAL CHARITY

Increasing Donations With Omnichannel Payment Acceptance

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