Kount Case Study

Breaking the Cycle of Payment Fraud With Layered Security

Data breaches, PCI compliance costs, and payment fraud can be devastating for organizations of all types and sizes. When your business is breached, payment, personal, and even health-care information can be siphoned off to the far corners of the web, where it is typically resold for use in fraudulent purchases and identity theft.

Fortunately, effective, affordable security solutions to this problem are available. Tokenization integrated with fraud detection is a keystone to a layered security approach that protects against data theft, minimizes PCI compliance costs, and controls payment card fraud.



"Incorporating tokenization from TokenEx and fraud prevention from Kount was one of the smartest decisions we made to differentiate our ecommerce services from our competitors. Using a layered approach to prevent data theft and payment fraud creates a secure foundation that keeps data safe from breaches and the cost of fraudulent purchases down." NEVIN SHALIT, CEO BOLDER ROAD

Breaking the Cycle of Payment Fraud With Layered Security

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