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How entrusting data protection to security experts helped enabled the freedom and flexibility necessary to optimize customer credit applications

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Discount Tire’s credit application process wasn’t consumer-friendly. It required additional steps separate from the POS experience to complete—which customers found tedious—and introduced risk by exposing employees to PII.

"We had a poor customer experience, so our salespeople were sort of disincentivized from trying to introduce and sell it," Discount Tire Product Manager of Payments and Finance Evan Hunter said. "The question became: How do we drive more sales and do it in a way that's aligned with the cybersecurity standards we set?"

TokenEx’s simple solution removed credit card numbers, SSNs, and additional PII from Discount Tire's environment to enable the orchestration of a waterfall credit application process to multiple lenders with instant approvals. 


Increased Revenue via Flexible Financing

By working with TokenEx to create a proxy form on payment encryption devices, Discount Tire reduced friction and risk via its new digital credit application.


We are experts in retailing and customer service. We are not an IT security company. We should not be in the business of trying to securely store PCI or PII.

Evan Hunter | Product Manager of Payments and Finance, Discount Tire

By removing sensitive payment and personal data from its environment and storing it in TokenEx’s Data Protection Platform, Discount Tire was able to implement a paperless financial application process for its branded credit card—without incurring the risk or regulatory compliance obligations that come with exposure to sensitive data.

This drove higher ticket value, improved customer retention, and saved time, labor, and cost. As a result, Discount Tire captured millions per year in additional revenue while improving the experience for both customers and sales associates.

“When we first began this project, there was some doubt that it could be successful,” Hunter said. “The fact that we not only successfully completed the digital transformation of our credit and loan processing and secured the PII, but did it in only five months, is testament to the collaboration between our internal team and TokenEx. It also demonstrates that the
open-integration capabilities of the TokenEx platform are essential to making these kinds of transformations possible.”


How it Works


Case Study-Discount Tire-Data Flow-3



  • Discount Tire sends TokenEx sensitive data collected from in-store POS devices.
  • TokenEx exchanges the data for nonsensitive tokens that can then be used by Discount Tire to process payments and credit applications.
  • When Discount Tire needs to process a payment or run a credit check, it simply calls TokenEx to detokenize, and then TokenEx passes the corresponding sensitive data to the appropriate endpoint.

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