MRC Global Case Study

Tokenizing the Enterprise at MRC Global

Tokenization can protect all sensitive data stored in internal IT systems. By replacing sensitive data with non-mathematically related tokens—not just encrypted cipher text—and storing all the payment and personal data offsite in a cloud designed for maximum security and PCI compliance, the risk of data theft is removed. 


"Over the years, we added layers and layers of security software for monitoring data flows, internal fraud-detection software, and firewalls at every network segment. But we still had all this toxic data in our databases—a virtual honeypot if you will—and if there is a security hole anywhere, you know hackers will find it sooner or later. No organization is invulnerable. As we searched for the optimal data security solution, we realized that tokenization was the only way to be absolutely protected from data theft." Max Grannan, MRC Global Senior IS Director of Security and Compliance

Tokenizing the Enterprise at MRC Global

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