Future-Proof Processing for Hospitality & Travel

How organizations can leverage cloud tokenization to modernize their data-processing practices for improved security and compliance.

Tokenization for Hospitality and Travel

Lodging, tickets, and other travel-related purchases require the processing of sensitive personal and payment data. But the booking engines, reservation systems, and management platforms that rely on this information to run are subject to worrisome risk and regulatory compliance obligations because of it.

To address these issues of risk and compliance, hospitality and travel organizations can use TokenEx’s Cloud Security Platform to remove sensitive data from their environments and safely store it in the cloud. In doing so, they can also easily integrate with booking engines, OTAs, third-party loyalty programs, and more—unifying these disparate systems for increased efficiency and improved business outcomes.


In this case study, you will learn:

  • How cloud tokenization can help with PCI compliance

  • How cloud tokenization can help simplify your systems via cloud unification

  • How cloud tokenization can help create a streamlined customer experience

Tokenization for Hospitality and Travel

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