Freedom and Flexibility in Payments

How centralizing tokens with a third-party provider reduced scope, enabled flexibility, and facilitated previously impractical business operations


Pay N Seconds


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Pay N Seconds is a multichannel payment application that originally worked directly with its gateway and its processor to secure and transmit payment information. However, as PNS grew and the need arose to develop a new version of its app, the company’s leadership realized it required greater versatility and affordability in its operations.

Specifically, it wanted to tokenize PCI before the sensitive data entered its environment and to retrieve those tokens without restrictions, as well as introduce the ability to connect to multiple gateways and to pivot freely from gateway to gateway as it saw fit.

"We thought working with TokenEx would be a great way to have a centralized place and a standardized way of managing tokens, and then we realized that there’s some PCI benefits to it," Pay N Seconds Chief Information Officer Theron Hatch said.


Unlock Your Data's Value

Pay N Seconds used their TokenEx tokens to create consumer profiles—enabling flexible scheduled and recurring payments to better serve their customers.

Pay N Seconds

TokenEx has helped us tremendously. We didn’t even realize how much we needed them at first, but they've kept up with our changing needs. Because of that, we’ve been able to grow more quickly and more easily.

Scott Little | Co-Founder and Director of Strategic Relationships, Pay N Seconds

Although PNS’s existing payment partners offered free tokenization if it used their processing services exclusively, they couldn’t deliver the freedom and flexibility PNS needed to fully control its tokens.

By instead working with TokenEx to create a cloud token environment independent of its internal systems and PSP, PNS was able to retain ownership of its tokens, leverage those tokens to build consumer profiles for future payments, and reduce PCI scope by 75 percent and save 33 percent on PCI compliance.

"None of those things would be possible without the ability to tokenize," Hatch said. "It's helped us become a forerunner in this space and to pioneer a lot of the things that are out there today.

"TokenEx is the centerpiece of a lot of things that we do."


How it Works


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  • Pay N Seconds uses TokenEx's iFrame on all of its payment forms to capture incoming PANs and prevent sensitive cardholder data from traversing its environment.
  • From there, the PANs are exchanged for a nonsensitive token that can then be used by Pay N Seconds to create consumer payment profiles for its customers.
  • When a client's customer wants to make a payment, Pay N Seconds simply calls TokenEx to detokenize the PAN associated with the customer's profile, and then TokenEx passes that PAN along to the appropriate processor or gateway to complete the transaction.

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