Pay N Seconds Case Study

Reduce scope, enable flexibility, and facilitate creativity

By working with TokenEx to create a cloud token environment independent of its internal systems and PSP, Pay N Seconds was able to retain ownership of its tokens, leverage those tokens to build consumer profiles for future payments, and reduce the scope and cost of PCI compliance.

The results were a 75 percent reduction in PCI scope, cost savings of 33 percent on PCI compliance, and the ability to process hundreds of thousands of daily transactions seamlessly. To read the full case study, complete the form on the right.



"TokenEx is transparent to our clients. They don’t even realize when they enter their card number that it’s actually going to TokenEx to tokenize before the payment goes through. They just know that it’s secure and that we’re good people to work with." Theron Hatch, Chief Information Officer, Pay N Seconds

Reduce scope, enable flexibility, and facilitate creativity

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