Relevant Mobile Case Study

Relevant Mobile Unites Secure Payment Processing With Brand Loyalty

The responsibility of safeguarding mobile payment data can inhibit businesses from expanding and entering new markets. With a potential marketplace of hundreds of restaurants serving thousands of patrons—all of whom would be sending payment card data to the Relevant Mobile platform—achieving PCI compliance was going to be a major effort. 

Relevant Mobile knew it would face intense scrutiny from merchant customers, and its solution had to seamlessly support the way the restaurants already handled payments with the dozens of processors and gateways involved in verifying payment card transactions in real-time.


"We never wanted to touch our clients’ payment card data, much less even think about storing it in our systems. We knew that PCI compliance would be a major resource requirement for a tech company of our size. And if the big financial and insurance institutions can be breached, we knew it would be only a matter of when our systems would be attacked, not if. The principle of ‘better to never touch or store payment data’ was our starting point." Relevant Mobile Co-Founder Dazhi Chen

Relevant Mobile Unites Secure Payment Processing With Brand Loyalty

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