Payments Enablement for Next-Gen Travel & Hospitality

How third-party tokenization can enhance the functionality and profitability of digital payments


Providers of clubs and associations software must deliver efficient technologies and actionable insights so their clients can create positive experiences for their members. With the right tokenization platform, these providers can accomplish their goals by offering secure, compliant, and flexible digital payments.

Specifically, TokenEx can help protect card data in motion while enabling the secure storage of universal payment tokens and adding account updater for seamless recurring billing. As a result, providers can optimize their security strategy to reduce declines due to outdated card information and maximize the value of their payments streams.

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Unlock Your Payments

Snaptravel leveraged the TokenEx platform to accept and tokenize credit card data from third parties, enabling an additional 10 percent of its business.

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How it Works


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  • Collect sensitive data via any API channel.
  • Receive nonsensitive placeholder tokens for secure, compliant internal use.
  • Share tokenized data with any API endpoint.

Additional Features and Services

Account Updater

Seamlessly reduce declines due to outdated cards and enhance the profitability of your recurring billing.

Fraud Mitigation

Increase conversion rates and minimize fraudulent transactions by integrating TokenEx into the workflow of your preferred fraud provider. 

Network Tokenization

Reduce interchange fees, improve acceptance rates, and optimize the customer experience by using network tokens throughout the payments process. 

3-D Secure

Shift liability for chargebacks and comply with the strong customer authentication requirements of the Payment Services Directive 2.

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