Payment enablement for next-gen travel

How flexible, transparent processing via third-party tokenization enabled the creation of a cutting-edge booking platform

About the company

Snaptravel was developing its next-generation booking engine when it encountered a potential roadblock. Standard processor vaulting and tokenization services wouldn’t allow the travel company to process payments when it wasn’t the merchant of record.

Industry: Travel & Hospitality

Location: Toronto, ON

Company Size: Commercial

Products Used: Hosted iFrame & Transparent Gateway

Enable core functionality

The TokenEx platform enabled Snaptravel to support this integral part of its business via the tokenization provider’s ability to both collect and transfer third-party credit card data. This additional functionality facilitated the growth of the company, becoming a core component of Snaptravel’s technology.

“It’s such a core underlying part of our stack,” Snaptravel Co-Founder and CTO Henry Shi said. “There’s no real alternative.”

Save development resources

In addition to providing an indispensable technology to a platform that’s experienced 100 percent growth year over year, TokenEx helped Snaptravel save tens of thousands of dollars in lost opportunity costs and development time by meeting stringent partner compliance requirements.

“We had a potential problem with one of our partners, and TokenEx was able to help us clarify for our partner that we met their compliance needs,” Shi said. “They were going to turn off the partnership for a while, which could’ve easily lasted a month or two, but because of TokenEx, we were only off for a few days.

“Beside the engineering costs, the overheard, the headache of turning things on and changing the flow – getting recertified was going to be even more painful. TokenEx saved us from that.”

How it works

Snaptravel securely captures credit card numbers via its checkout page or receives them from third-party partners.

TokenEx exchanges the card data for nonsensitive placeholder tokens that Snaptravel can then store internally and share with partners.

When Snaptravel needs to process a payment or transmit sensitive data to a third party, it returns the token to TokenEx, and then TokenEx sends sensitive data to the desired endpoint.

Unlock the value of your payments

Snaptravel experienced 100 percent growth year over year.

Snaptravel saved tens of thousands of dollars in lost opportunity costs and development time.

Snaptravel enabled an additional 10 percent of its business.

“The alternative is that we don’t charge or tokenize credit cards, which is not possible for our business. TokenEx has always been so core to our business.”

Henry Shi

Co-Founder and CTO, Snaptravel

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