How Reliable Tokenization Fixed an Expensive Payment Problem

Dependable tokenization fixed a costly problem for travel industry payment solution, Trust My Travel

About the company

Trust My Travel is a financially protected payment solution for the travel industry that protects both travel providers and their travelers from financial loss. Trust My Travel offers travel merchants a straightforward, scalable, and sustainable way to protect their travelers and accept global payments. Trust My Travel uses tokenization to protect customer data, enable the use of multiple payment gateways, and reduce its PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) compliance scope. 

Industry: Travel

Location: International

Company Size: Commercial

Products Used: Batch, iFrame, and Transparent Gateway

Undependable tokenization = costly problems

Trust My Travel realized they had a problem with their tokenization provider in 2020 when over $100,000 worth of transactions were authorized, but not captured. The vigilant Trust My Travel team caught the issue and was able to capture most of the transactions manually, but the mistake still cost the company close to $10,000. Their tokenization provider brushed off the incident. 

“Months later, same effect, same losses, same refusal to accept any responsibility.” Matt Bush, Chief Technology Officer, and Co-Founder of Trust My Travel, recounted, “Obviously there’s the cost to the company, the cost of manpower from having to run things manually and trying to figure out which transactions succeeded, and which failed, and the loss of faith from customers.”  

Reliable tokenization = reduced complication and cost

Trust My Travel knew they needed a different tokenization solution if they wanted to stop losing revenue. Thankfully, they found TokenEx. Matt Bush explained, “Without using TokenEx, we would either have something that was completely wedded to a payment gateway, or we would have had to build in a sort of spiraling code base to keep adding in more and more libraries since each gateway has its own way of doing things and its own way of tokenizing cards.”   

TokenEx provided a simple and reliable source of tokenization and soon Trust My Travel’s payments ran smoothly. Instead of costing Trust My Travel hours of stressful labor and thousands of dollars, TokenEx now saves the Trust My Travel team time and energy. 

“We’ve vaulted about half a million cards via the transparent gateway,” Matt Bush said, “And those cards have generated about $560 million worth of transactions.” Matt went on to explain that close to 150,000 of those cards were vaulted with TokenEx Batch. This meant that Trust My Travel didn’t have to ask thousands of customers to reenter their cardholder data. Because of the unlikelihood of a customer reentering their data, Matt Bush was confident that “Trust My Travel would have lost those 150,000 cards [without TokenEx Batch].” 

How it works

Trust My Travel initially used the TokenEx Batch tool to upload close to 150,000 cards. Now, they use the TokenEx iFrame to tokenize incoming cardholder data and run transactions through the Transparent Gateway. This use of tokenization means that sensitive cardholder data is secured by TokenEx at the moment of capture and swapped for tokens before it continues in the payment journey. This keeps cardholder data out of Trust My Travel’s internal systems, allows them to connect to multiple payment gateways, and drastically reduces their PCI scope.

“We’ve been using TokenEx for about three years.” Matt Bush explained, “And in that time, we’ve run approximately 22 million successful transactions via the Transparent Gateway, and around 850,000 of those were thanks to tokens created via the iFrame.”  

Reliable tokenization opens doors

Trust My Travel obtained reliable tokenization without costly mistakes. 

Trust My Travel retained the ability to connect to multiple payment gateways. 

Trust My Travel significantly reduced PCI compliance efforts and costs. 

TokenEx has radically reduced our PCI scope. If we were holding credit card details, it would be outside my skill set so we’d have to hire someone and that would increase costs. So that’s where TokenEx helps massively.

Matt Bush

CTO and Co-founder, Trust My Travel

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