Gift Card Giveaway Rules


“Gift Card” means a digital code redeemable for stored value usable only at a single retailer or group of retailers affiliated for the purposes of offering the code stored value. 

“Gift Card Giveaway” means the promotion offered by TokenEx governed by these Giveaway Rules.

“Giveaway Rules” means this document, which contains the agreement between any Participant and TokenEx.

“Participant” means any individual who submits their information to TokenEx in conjunction with the Gift Card Giveaway.


“Reward Vendor” means a retailer, third-party service provider, or third-party regulated financial institution offering or fulfilling a Gift Card.

“TokenEx” means TokenEx, Inc., the sponsor of the Gift Card Giveaway.


 In order to be eligible to receive a Gift Card, Participant must meet the following criteria:

  1. Be an Information Technology decisionmaker at a business or enterprise with a practical application for tokenization of data.
  2. Be the first individual associated with Participant’s company to request a meeting with TokenEx.
  3. Request a meeting with TokenEx in conjunction with the Gift Card Giveaway.
  4. Attend a 30-minute introductory meeting with a TokenEx Sales Executive before December 31, 2022.
  5. Provide valid business email address for communication.  Any Gift Card earned will be sent to this email address. 
  6. Employees of TokenEx or its associated advertising agencies and their immediate families are not eligible to win.
  7. Ultimate determination of Participant’s eligibility is at the sole discretion of TokenEx and may be revised or revoked at any time.

Giveaway period:

The Gift Card Giveaway begins on April 15, 2022 and ends at 5:00PM CST on December 31, 2022.

How to enter

No purchase is necessary to enter.  Participants enter by requesting a meeting with a TokenEx Sales Executive in conjunction with the Gift Card Giveaway.  This request must include the Participant’s name, employer or affiliated company name, Participant’s position with that company, and a valid business phone number and e-mail address for Participant.

How to redeem

  1. Following the completion of the meeting with TokenEx, eligible Participants will receive an e-mail containing a link to claim a Gift Card.  This e-mail will be sent to the valid business email address which Participant provided when requesting a meeting with TokenEx.
  2. Participants may claim any earned Gift Card by following the link in the e-mail, which will take the Participant to a web page where they can choose from a number of retailers. 
  3. Gift Cards may take up to sixty (60) days to be available for redemption. All Gift Cards must be claimed within fourteen (14) days of official notification that the prize is available to be claimed. Gift Cards unclaimed after fourteen (14) days of notification may be forfeited.


This Gift Card Giveaway is void where prohibited by law.  TokenEx reserves the right to refuse awarding any prize to a person who is determined to have violated any of the Giveaway Rules.  Further, TokenEx reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to cancel, terminate, modify or suspend the Gift Card Giveaway (or any portion thereof).  TokenEx is not obligated to execute the Gift Card Giveaway if its performance is delayed or prevented due to cause beyond its control, including but not limited to acts of God, public enemies, war, civil disorder, fire, flood, explosion, labor disputes or strikes, and any acts by any governmental authority. Should a dispute arise regarding the identity of the claimant, TokenEx reserves the sole right to determine the eligible party.  By entering, Participant waives all rights to bring (and covenants not to bring) any claim against TokenEx or any others associated with this Gift Card Giveaway. Participant further agrees to release, hold harmless, and indemnify TokenEx and its employees, officers, and affiliates from any and all liability arising from participation in the Gift Card Giveaway, use of a Gift Card, or TokenEx’ use of any entry information.

By entering the Gift Card Giveaway, Participant agrees that:  (1) Participant is the direct recipient of the Gift Card and individually agrees to these Giveaway Rules; (2) Gift Cards are non-transferable, no cash equivalent will be offered in substitution of Gift Card, and Gift Cards cannot be resold, substituted or exchanged for other prizes; (3) Participant is responsible for any and all applicable taxes and fees associated with the issuance and/or redemption of the Gift Card; and (4) by accepting a Gift Card, each Participant consents to the use of his/her name, voice, and likeness for publicity and promotional purposes on behalf of TokenEx with no additional notice, compensation or further permission.  Participant also consents to the disclosure of his/her contact information as necessary to fulfill reporting obligations to Reward Vendors.

Choice of Law.  Any disputes that arise hereunder shall be governed in all respects by the laws of Delaware without regard to the conflicts of laws principles of any jurisdiction. Venue with respect to any such disputes shall be had in the state and federal courts situated in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and Participant hereby waives any claim of non-convenient forum.

Privacy. All information submitted in connection with entry to this Gift Card Giveaway is governed by TokenEx’ privacy policy (found at  By entering, Participant agrees to and this privacy policy.

Reward Vendor Terms.  Gift Cards are provided and fulfilled by participating Reward Vendors.  The Gift Card and its use is governed by additional terms and conditions established by the applicable Reward Vendor, and certain Gift Cards may require the Participant to register with the Reward Vendor and satisfy the Reward Vendor’s customer due diligence process prior to redeeming or using the Gift Card.  The platform used by TokenEx to issue a Gift Card will provide the ability for Participant to access any such additional terms.  By accepting a Gift Card, Participant affirms receipt of these terms.  It is the Participant’s responsibility to review all applicable Reward Vendor terms and conditions. If Participant has questions regarding the applicable Reward Vendor terms, please contact the Reward Vendor. Reward Vendors are fully responsible for all aspects of their Gift Cards, purchase, and use. TokenEx assumes no responsibility or liability for (i) the sale of products or services through the use of any Gift Card; or (ii) any Reward Vendor’s failure to honor a Gift Card.