Security and Business Enablement for Insurers

De-identify policyholder PII and de-risk PCI to achieve compliance and streamline operations

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TokenEx for Insurance

The insurance industry processes billions of pounds of digital payments and stores some the world's most sensitive personal data. Keeping this valuable data secure and complying with the regulatory requirements that come with it is a serious concern for insurers—and it's costing the sector dearly. TokenEx's data-centric approach to security minimizes the risk of storing sensitive data by removing it from your internal systems. Our solution can make a huge positive impact on ROI, help simplify and maintain compliance obligations, and keep your organization ahead of the curve when it comes to data protection.
  • Enable critical business operations without sacrificing security
  • Omnichannel acceptance for a modern payments fabric
  • Reduce PCI scope to mitigate risk & satisfy compliance
  • Operationalize PII for improved analytics & business insight
  • Market-leading batch capabilities for flexible data transmission
  • Enable dynamic payment filtering to work with multiple PSPs
  • Quickly & easily transform your platform with API-ready solutions

Addressing Enterprise Risk & Complexity

By transparently integrating with TokenEx, insurers can protect their environments from attack while ensuring the secure acceptance and transfer of sensitive policyholder data between all units of business. Here's how:


DF-TokenEx for Insurance-3


  • You can ingest sensitive data via multiple internal or customer-facing acceptance channels, capturing sensitive personal and/or payment data at the point of entry to de-risk and remove downstream systems from scope.

  • You receive a multi-use nonsensitive token for use within your policy management system while the original data is safely stored outside of your environment.

  • You can connect to any API endpoint and safely transmit sensitive data via our Transparent Gateway.


We were looking for opportunities to reduce the impact of a breach, and the way we saw to do that was to eliminate personal financial information that is stored in our systems.

Ryan Dove | Director of Information Security, West Bend Mutual


Storing sensitive data internally increases risk

West Bend Mutual Insurance was storing sensitive data internally to meet its long-term data-retention requirements. But by keeping that policyholder data within its systems, it was creating significant risk.


TokenEx removes data from internal systems

Leveraging TokenEx's Cloud Data Protection Platform to capture sensitive data prior to entering West Bend's environment, West Bend minimized its risk and reduced the potential impact of a breach—all while accommodating its unique legacy systems and data-retention requirements.


Reduce Exposure to Cyber Threats

Insurance providers often struggle to quantify cyber risk. By using a tokenization technology such as TokenEx's Cloud Data Protection Platform, insurers can reduce their risk and cyber exposure, presenting a measurable positive impact on the limits, conditions, and pricing of a cyber policy.

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