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Add tokenization to your fraud stack to minimize scope and risk



Minimize PCI scope. Control your payments.

  • Keep downstream systems out of PCI scope
  • Create a comprehensive, layered security solution for payments
  • Receive a universal payment token for use with any PSP or third party

To maximize the power of Kount’s Identity Trust Global Network, a client needs to submit Kount’s proprietary token (KHASH) as part of the Risk Inquiry Service. However, generating the KHASH requires access to the raw PAN, which can expose clients to additional PCI scope.

That’s where TokenEx comes in. Kount clients can simply use the TokenEx iFrame to capture the PAN and then generate both a TokenEx token and the Kount KHASH. This keeps clients out of PCI scope while enabling them to enjoy the benefits of both platforms.

How it Works

Data Flow-Kount-KHASH


  1. Client adds “returnKHash” parameter to the TokenEx iFrame configuration object.
  2. TokenEx generates a KHASH from the PAN when creating a token.
  3. Client calls Kount to review the transaction details.
  4. Kount provides a fraud score and a recommendation (approve, deny, or review).
  5. If the transaction is approved, the client routes its request through the TokenEx Transparent Gateway to the PSP.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does TokenEx do?

TokenEx is an Oklahoma-based cloud tokenization provider. It captures sensitive data via API calls or managed file transfers before the data enters an organization’s internal systems. Once tokenized, this data can be sent to any API endpoint. This creates a layer of abstraction that not only minimizes risk, but also increases freedom, control, and interoperability. 

What is tokenization?

Tokenization is the process of exchanging sensitive data for nonsensitive placeholders called tokens. These tokens can retain portions of the original data, such as the first four and last six digits of a credit card number, so that they can continue to be used without incurring the risk and compliance obligations associated with handling sensitive data in its raw form. This enables organizations to preserve the value and utility of their sensitive data while keeping it safe and remaining compliant. 

Unlike encrypted data, tokenized data is undecipherable, irreversible, and does not require traditional key management. Because there is no mathematical relationship between the token and its original number, tokens cannot be returned to their original form like encryption can be with the proper key.  

How is TokenEx different from other token service providers?

Unlike other token service providers, TokenEx doesn’t hold your tokens captive. Instead, TokenEx gives you control so you can use your data however you want. As a result, you can add value to your business and enjoy greater ownership of the payment process.

What are some of the outcomes TokenEx has generated for its Kount clients? 

“Incorporating tokenization from TokenEx and fraud prevention from Kount was one of the smartest decisions we made to differentiate our ecommerce services from our competitors. Using a layered approach to prevent data theft and payment fraud creates a secure foundation that keeps data safe from breaches and the cost of fraudulent purchases down.” -- Nevin Shalit, CEO Bolder Road

Bolder Road designs, builds, and supports custom ecommerce web stores. When a consumer makes a purchase on one of Bolder Road’s sites, the card data is captured and tokenized by TokenEx directly from the checkout page. TokenEx then generates the KHASH and returns it to Bolder Road, which sends it to Kount to evaluate the transaction for fraud potential. The time to complete the security loop takes milliseconds, so there is no perceptible delay in the checkout process.


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