Your payments should travel as freely as your customers.


Increase Flexibility

Use the Transparent Gateway to allow data to flow safely to and from your environment so you can securely interact with any third-party API.


TokenEx’s platform fit our problem perfectly. It’s been beneficial for reducing risk and showing our parent company, Michelin, that security is one of our top priorities, and then it also has the backend flexibility we need to transfer data to our partners without bringing PCI into our networks. It was essentially a no-brainer.

Henry Mendez Jr. | Head of Engineering, Tablet Hotels


Increase Revenue

Storing payment tokens can create additional revenue opportunities such as cashless cabins, recurring billing, flexible financing, and more.


The alternative is that we don’t charge or tokenize credit cards, which is not possible for our business. TokenEx has always been so core to our business.

Henry Shi | Co-Founder and CTO, Snaptravel



Removing sensitive cardholder data from your environment reduces risk and compliance scope by minimizing your PCI footprint.

Process more payments, in more places, more securely. Connect with us to learn how.