Wednesday, May 29, 2 p.m. (CDT)


In this webinar you will learn:

  • What a software development kit is and does
  • How TokenEx's Mobile SDK simplifies security
  • Why you need a fraud-prevention solution for mobile payments
  • How fraud prevention and data protection combine to improve security and compliance

As mobile payments become more and more popular due to their convenience, the threat of data breaches and fraud only grows. These and other types of card-not-present transactions are especially susceptible to cybercriminals, which is why TokenEx and Kount have come together to create a complete security solution for mobile payments. TokenEx's new Mobile SDK is a software development kit for adding tokenization to native mobile applications. When combined with Kount's fraud-prevention integration, merchants can also receive industry-leading fraud-prevention services as an additional layer of protection.

To learn more about how these solutions work together to provide a comprehensive mobile-payment solution, join us for a webinar covering the layering of these two powerful technologies. TokenEx's John Noltensmeyer, head of privacy and compliance solutions, and Kount's Mark Kenney, strategic platform manager, will lead the discussion.


John Noltensmeyer,
TokenEx Head of Privacy and Compliance Solutions

Mark Kenney, Kount Strategic Platform Manager

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