TokenEx Pandemic Response Plan

Updated July 22, 2020

At TokenEx, we are dedicated to protecting the world's most sensitive data. Our commitment to safety and security isn't just an operational imperative, it's a core principle that informs every aspect of our organization. It extends to our employees and our workplace, helping us navigate any obstacle and weather any storm with confidence and clarity. This latest challenge is no different.

As you know, the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak is changing the way we work and the way we live. That's why our pandemic response plan ensures our employees, our clients, their customers, and their data are all protected in the manner you've come to expect from TokenEx.

Below, we've compiled a list of frequently asked questions in regard to the COVID-19 outbreak and our pandemic response plan. If you have any additional questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at

How is TokenEx addressing the risk to operations posed by the COVID-19 outbreak?

TokenEx has established a pandemic team that is actively monitoring the situation and all guidance from applicable local, state, and federal agencies, including the CDC. The pandemic team continues to provide frequent updates to our employees. After working fully remote for the first few months of the pandemic, TokenEx has reopened our offices on a limited basis to staff in accordance with state guidelines. Employees who choose to return to the office are required to follow safety precautions including social distancing and frequent handwashing. All non-essential business travel remains suspended.

Does TokenEx have a pandemic preparedness plan?

Yes, in preparation for COVID-19, TokenEx conducted an exercise of our plan in February. We enacted our plan in March in response to the virus, closing our offices and moving to a 100% remote environment. We are closely following all updates from government and health organizations, and we will continue to update our pandemic and business continuity plans to reflect the changing situations.  We have followed state guidance to develop our reopening plan.

What is TokenEx's pandemic preparedness plan?

  • When a pandemic, flu, or virus outbreak begins affecting company employees or could potentially affect employees, the Pandemic Response Team will be activated.

  • The Pandemic Response Team will monitor alerts from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), state and local emergency organizations, and local media reports on pandemic, flu, or contagious illness outbreaks; assess the evolving situation and determine what the impact might be to the business; arrange to track status of employees calling in sick; and determine appropriate response depending on the severity of the event.

  • Potential actions could include postponing or cancelling nonessential work-related travel, restricting visitor access to offices, or re-evaluating telecommuting practices.

  • The Pandemic Response Team will communicate updates to employees and brief management as needed.

  • Employees are encouraged to practice proper hygiene and are required to stay home if they are sick.

  • In the event that office locations must be closed, TokenEx will follow state and federal guidelines for reopening. If necessary, additional safety precautions will be enacted including limiting the number of staff in the office at a time, requiring masks and social distancing, prohibiting visitors or meetings, or encouraging frequent handwashing.

In the event of a quarantine or other office disruption, can all of the work TokenEx provides be performed remotely?

Yes, we have given our employees flexibility to work remotely to allow them to best address their health and safety. Additionally, we have tested and validated our remote work capabilities to guarantee all services can continue to operate normally without any interruptions.

What internal training policies and procedures does TokenEx have to ensure its employees are prepared to respond to a pandemic?

Training on our business continuity plans, including pandemic response, has been assigned to all employees. We continue to provide employees with frequent communication to ensure awareness.    

Has TokenEx been impacted in any way by the outbreak of COVID-19?

TokenEx operations have not been impacted. In the event of a significant impact to our services, TokenEx has multiple avenues for communicating with our clients, including email, our website, and customer portal.