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The TokenEx partner program is designed to help you drive retention with your customers and help you create new revenue streams. As a partner of TokenEx, you can offer your customers a diverse product suite with a proven reputation and quantifiable value.

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Exclusive partner pricing

As a TokenEx partner, you’ll be eligible for special product pricing based on the partnership type in place.  

Dedicated support

You’ll have access to a dedicated team to help with onboarding, support, and more.  

Marketing opportunities

Help boost your brand, drive revenue, and build your business through partner marketing.

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Partnership Types

Referral partner

Send your customers to our sales team so they can architect and test their TokenEx use case.  

As a referral partner, you’ll receive a % of the deal you refer to us and have access to joint marketing opportunities, sales incentive programs, sales collateral, training, and more.

Integrator Partner

A technical partnership, where we integrate our systems to deliver a stronger value to our joint customers. As an integrator partner, you’ll receive a % discount on monthly usage for your customers.

Access a joint go-to-market strategy and dedicated technical support and onboarding. 

Reseller Partner

As a reseller partner, you can resell all TokenEx products. We offer extensive technical onboarding, so you know the products inside and out. You will also receive a % discount on the products and have access to co-branded materials and enablement. 

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What is tokenization? What does TokenEx do?

Tokenization is the process of exchanging sensitive data for non-sensitive data called “tokens” that can be used in a database or internal system without bringing it into scope. Sensitive data could include credit card data, medical information, Social Security numbers, or anything else that requires security and protection. 

TokenEx provides a cloud-based platform to tokenize your sensitive data. We can help you to securely accept sensitive data and send it to payment processors without the need to store it in your internal systems. 

How is TokenEx different from other providers?

Unlike other providers, TokenEx does not hold your data hostage. Instead, we give you more ways to use it safely so you can add value to your data and to your business.

How does TokenEx create value for my customers?

We’re known for helping with false declines, processor lock-in, and PCI compliance. We can even improve your authorization rates up to 5 percentage points. To do this, our security pros work with you to help design your ideal solution. So, you can feel confident when your customers pay. 

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Our platform offers the ideal combination of security and flexibility so businesses can positively impact their revenue by improving payment acceptance rates, reducing latency, and minimizing their PCI footprint.

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