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PCI DSS requirements are designed to protect sensitive payment data, but their complexity can be difficult to manage. Whether you’re researching niche questions or PCI basics, this resource page is designed to provide answers to all your PCI questions.

PCI DSS Basics

What changes are being made in PCI DSS 4.0?

PCI DSS 4.0 is here, and there are many changes you should be aware of. Learn the important details in this blog post: PCI DSS 4.0: The Seven Changes You Need to Know Now.

What is PCI DSS?

Learn all the basics about PCI DSS, and how to become compliant in this blog: PCI DSS 4.0: How to become PCI Compliant.

Who needs to be PCI Compliant?

Any organization that accepts, handles, stores, or transmits cardholder data must be PCI compliant. Learn more in this blog post: Who needs to be PCI Compliant?

How do I become PCI Compliant?

If you’re working to get PCI Compliant, follow this PCI Compliance Checklist.

What happens if I’m not PCI Compliant?

PCI DSS is a set of regulations, not a law. Even so, noncompliance can have major consequences. Learn about them in this blog: 5 Consequences of PCI Noncompliance

How do I make PCI Compliance Easier?

The secret to making your next PCI audit a breeze is reducing the scope of your audit. Learn all about reducing your scope in this blog: PCI Descoping: The Ultimate Guide to PCI Compliance

Customer Stories

Tablet Hotels

Tablet Hotels instantly reduced its PCI footprint and saved tens of thousands of dollars in development costs

Oklahoma Turnpike Authority

OTA’s PCI Audit took 50% less time for 80% fewer people after their partnership with TokenEx


Orvis reduced their PCI scope by 90%, significantly reducing their compliance and security efforts with TokenEx

Additional PCI Resources

Why is PCI Compliance important?

PCI DSS protects cardholder data from malicious actors looking to steal customer payment information. Learn more about how PCI DSS safeguards against data theft in this blog: How does PCI DSS Protect Cardholder Data?

What kind of support is avaliable for PCI Compliance?

There are many different companies and individuals, like TokenEx, that can reduce the burden of PCI Compliance. Learn about all of the different kinds of support in these blogs:

Is PCI Compliance Important for Online and Mobile Payments?

Online and mobile payments are subject to PCI Compliance, learn more about the requirements in this blog: Why do Online and Mobile Payments Require PCI Compliance?

How do I comply with PCI DSS with Multiple Processors?

Complying with PCI DSS when you use multiple processors can be tricky. Learn more about the process in this blog: Maintaining PCI Compliance when Using Multiple Processors

What are the PCI DSS Requirements for Call Centers?

Call centers that take payment information are subject to PCI DSS. Learn how to achieve call center PCI compliance in this blog: 5 Ways to Achieve Call Center PCI Compliance

What Important PCI DSS Definitions Should I Know?

Here’s a list of some of the top PCI DSS defintions you’ll come across as you dig into the complexities of PCI DSS:

Do you have a checklist to keep track of audits?

Yes! Check out our PCI audit checklist.

Recommended QSAs

Customers frequently ask TokenEx to help with their PCI audit. While TokenEx is the perfect tool to make your PCI audit easier, we suggest these Qualified Security Assesors (QSAs) if you need guidance through your next PCI DSS audit.

The Ultimate PCI Compliance Guide

Looking for a complete overview of PCI DSS? Download our free PCI DSS Compliance guide here, no email or sign up needed.