Account Updater for Cardholder Data

Keep customer card data up to date at all times

Account Updater-slalom 1-v2

Verify and Update Card Data

With Account Updater, cardholder data can be updated as needed by sending TokenEx a batch file containing card details and the corresponding tokens. TokenEx then works with the card brands to refresh outdated card data and update the information within its systems and yours.


Prevent Card Declines and Processing Failures

TokenEx’s Account Updater enables our clients to refresh stored cardholder data to maintain accurate payment information for their customers. The result is fewer declines, increased consumer satisfaction, improved business retention, and reduced overall costs.

The Value of Account Updater

  • No setup fee
  • Simple onboarding process
  • Refresh card-on-file data via batch process
  • Prevent the decline of monthly payments, donations, and other repeat transactions
  • Embrace paperless billing by enabling recurring digital payments
  • Safely store customer cardholder data for easier checkouts

Seamless Recurring Payments with Account Updater

Secure seamless recurring payments by incorporating card-refresh services into your tokenization solution—with no significant coding or complex file creation.

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