Batch Tokenization: Efficiency and Security

Process large volumes of transactions using batch files and secure file transfer protocol with our Managed File Transfer (MFT) product.

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Account Updater Support

Don't sacrifice functionality for scope or security.

Using MFT, customers can utilize account updater services without introducing sensitive information — or PCI scope — into their data environments.

Secure Mass Transactions

Secure large volumes of transactions in a single file.

Using TokenEx's MFT, you can receive nightly settlement files with desensitized tokens instead of sensitive payment data or primary account numbers.

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No PANs re-enter your organization’s system when you use TokenEx.

You can operate with your preferred method of batch processing without needing to store any payment data, relieving you of the risk of theft.

Key Features

With TokenEx's batch tokenization, you can continue to process batch files while eliminating the need to store sensitive payment card data and reducing the risk of theft. Additional benefits include:
  • Flexible integration with your batch file format — fixed width, delimited, customizable.
  • Processor-agnostic tokenization for your business systems and all your vendors.
  • Keep sensitive data out to reduce risk and remove portions of your environment from scope.

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Batch Tokenization

Learn about the features and benefits of our MFT offering for batch-file processing, which keeps payment and other sensitive data from entering your environment.

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