PCI iFrame

The TokenEx iFrame captures data from select fields on your web page, securing and tokenizing sensitive data before it ever enters your environment.

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Reduce PCI Controls

Push the point of PCI acceptance to the edge of your systems.

By securing and desensitizing data before it enters your environment, we keep your systems from touching sensitive card holder data. This dramatically reduces your PCI DSS scope, potentially making your organization eligible to complete an SAQ A.

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Keep Your Existing Design

The tokenization iFrame maintains your website's look and feel.

Transparent integration lets the iFrame work in the background — capturing, securing, and storing sensitive data without altering the web page look and feel. Your customers will never know their data is being captured and secured by the TokenEx platform.

Capture and secure any sensitive data.

Secure PCI, PII, PHI, NPI, and any other data set your organization processes with the help of our flexible, comprehensive iFrame. No restrictions on data type or format.

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Fewer controls mean reduced scope and compliance cost.

By reducing PCI scope and outsourcing the management of sensitive data, your organization saves on compliance costs and security infrastructure. Get back to focusing on growing your organization rather than spending valuable resources on security and compliance.

Maximum Security, Scope Reduction

The TokenEx iFrame redirects data entered into the fields of your website's checkout page to our Cloud Security Platform, effectively tokenizing data before it ever reaches your internal systems. Additional benefits include:
  • Transparent integration and functionality.
  • Maximum security and scope reduction.
  • Maintains the look and feel of your website.
  • Significantly reduces risk by preventing sensitive data from entering your environment.
  • Possible SAQ-A or SAQ A-EP eligibility.

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TokenEx Ecommerce Package

A key component of TokenEx's Ecommerce Package, the iFrame transparently captures and tokenizes a card number from anywhere on your website.

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