A Comprehensive Ecommerce Tokenization Solution

The TokenEx Ecommerce Package maximizes security and scope reduction — capturing, securing, and desensitizing data before it enters your environment.

Serious Scope Reduction

Reduce your PCI compliance controls via an SAQ

By stacking TokenEx's secure hosted iFrame and Transparent Gateway, you can potentially reduce your PCI requirements to an SAQ-A.

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Two Technologies Combined

Benefit from two of TokenEx's most powerful products

Our iFrame and Transparent Gateway offer a level of security, scope reduction, and ease of integration that other tokenization providers can't.

Integrate seamlessly with minimal interruptions and alterations

You can continue your current operations, utilizing the PSP of your choice and maintaining control over your sensitive data.

Keep card data current to enable frictionless repeat transactions

Account Updater refreshes outdated cardholder data to reduce processing failures and declines due to card theft, loss, or expiration—protecting recurring payments in the process.

Benefits of Ecommerce Tokenization

Two of our most innovative technologies combine to create a comprehensive ecommerce solution that virtually eliminates risk and minimizes the cost, complexity, and scope of PCI compliance.
  • Collect any structured data type from your web page and send it to any API endpoint
  • More affordable and flexible than processor-provided tokenization
  • Simple integration preserves existing processes and maintains the appearance of your website
  • Keep sensitive cardholder data out of your environment
  • Streamline regulatory compliance while promoting positive business outcomes
  • Leverage Account Updater to refresh card-on-file data and secure seamless recurring payments

Data Protection Simplified

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The Complete Epayments Solution: Ecommerce Package

Our ecommerce tokenization is designed specifically for ecommerce merchants with the goal of maximizing security, functionality, ease of integration, and scope reduction.

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