Fraud Mitigation

Integrate with your preferred fraud provider to minimize risk



Minimize Fraudulent Transactions. Increase Conversion Rates.

  • Increase checkout speed and reduce cart abandonment
  • Minimize declines, chargebacks, and theft
  • Keep downstream systems out of PCI scope
  • Create a comprehensive, layered security solution for payments

TokenEx’s preferred fraud-prevention partner Kount, an Equifax company, offers customers of both platforms a layered security solution for protecting payments. Kount’s Fraud Management Tools analyze consumer spending and behavioral patterns to identify fraudulent transactions and prevent declines, chargebacks, and theft.

To maximize the power of Kount’s Identity Trust Global Network, a client needs to submit Kount’s proprietary token (KHASH) as part of the Risk Inquiry Service. However, generating the KHASH requires access to the raw PAN, which can potentially introduce or reintroduce PCI scope. That’s where TokenEx comes in—through the partnership with Kount, clients can use the TokenEx iFrame to capture the PAN and then generate both a TokenEx token and the Kount KHASH while staying outside of PCI scope. When combating card-not-present fraud, the card information (KHASH) is extremely valuable, so let TokenEx mitigate the PCI risk and let Kount stop the fraud.

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How it Works

Data Flow-Kount-KHASH


  1. Client adds “returnKHash” parameter to the TokenEx iFrame configuration object.
  2. TokenEx generates a KHASH from the PAN when creating a token.
  3. Client calls Kount to review the transaction details.
  4. Kount provides a fraud score and a recommendation (approve, deny, or review).
  5. If the transaction is approved, the client routes its request through the TokenEx Transparent Gateway to the PSP.