Hosted iFrame

Protect your sensitive data at the point of acceptance



Minimize PCI Scope

  • Minimize PCI compliance scope
  • Tokenize any sensitive data element
  • Simple implementation
  • Optimized for web-enabled mobile apps
  • Custom regex validations
  • Render multiple iFrames to protect all sensitive fields

The TokenEx iFrame enables your organization to tokenize sensitive data directly from your checkout page or other web form, protecting it at the point of acceptance. As a result, you can prevent your web page and any downstream systems from handling sensitive data while preserving the look and feel of your website.

Security is always our top priority. That's why the TokenEx iFrame Solution utilizes a combination of a server-generated authentication key, the HTML5 postMessage() method, and encrypted API calls for secure cross-domain communication. The iframe JS library enables input validation, styling, custom data types, and more to seamlessly integrate the iframe into the overall user experience.

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Unlock Your Data's Value

Pay N Seconds used their TokenEx tokens to create consumer profiles—enabling flexible scheduled and recurring payments to better serve their customers.

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Pay N Seconds

We thought working with TokenEx would be a great way to have a centralized place and a standardized way of managing tokens, and then we realized that there’s some PCI benefits to it.

Theron Hatch | Chief Information Officer, Pay N Seconds

How it Works


Data Flow-iFrame


  1. Reference the JS library from your page and configure the iframe to meet your needs.
  2. Load the iframe(s) on page load using iframe.load().
  3. TokenEx iframe(s) tokenize the sensitive data and return the tokens to the parent page.