Mobile API

Capture and secure data from mobile applications


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Remove Apps From PCI Scope

  • Secure sensitive data while maintaining the look and feel of your native mobile application
  • Reduce PCI DSS scope
  • Three modes of tokenization:
    • Tokenize PAN
    • Tokenize CVV
    • Tokenize PAN with CVV
  • Tokenize sensitive information at the point of acceptance and send it to any API endpoint

Providing a mobile application to customers offers versatility, but it introduces the risk of handling sensitive data via another channel. TokenEx’s Data Protection Platform utilizes several methods for securing this data, including a Mobile API that enables native mobile applications to integrate with our tokenization services.

The Mobile API allows organizations to capture sensitive data from their customers’ iOS or Android devices, where it is then sent directly to TokenEx to be tokenized and stored, saving application development time and simplifying the cost and complexity of regulatory compliance. By removing sensitive data from internal systems, the TokenEx platform can minimize the risk and potential of a breach.

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How it Works

Data Flow-Mobile API


  • User-submitted sensitive data is tokenized via the TokenEx Mobile API.
  • Nonsensitive data and token(s) are sent to client's mobile application server.