Native Applications: Choose Your Level of Control

To better meet the needs of our customers, we offer two options for securing data in native mobile applications: public-key cryptography and a mobile API.

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Complete Data Governance

Determine exactly how your app interacts with sensitive data.

Using our public-key encryption solution, you can control how your mobile application handles data while securely passing it on to TokenEx.

Reduce Controls and Scope

Our mobile API tokenizes data directly from mobile devices.

By capturing, securing, and desensitizing data at the device level, our mobile API removes the sensitive data from your environment.

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Encrypt sensitive data on native apps before sending to TokenEx

Apps running natively on iOS or Android can use any of the standard RSA public-key encryption libraries to protect data on the mobile device.

No part of your environment houses the PAN when using TokenEx.

Immediately encrypt PANs on swipe or manual entry and send them to the TokenEx Cloud Security Platform to be tokenized and safely stored.

Full Native Application Support

Don't sacrifice control for security. With TokenEx, customers can:
  • Protect data on the device using RSA encryption key
  • Reduce PCI controls and scope
  • Remove PANs from their cardholder data environments
  • Integrate without significantly altering their existing systems

Contact us today to see which of our native implementations is best for your mobile application.

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Learn about TokenEx's native implementation with Relevant Mobile.

Relevant Mobile's native apps use public-key encryption to connect to the TokenEx Web Services API, where the sensitive data is sent for tokenization and storage.

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