Secure Sensitive Data at Rest

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Lightning-Fast Enterprise Database Protection

Organizations that need to securely store and quickly query massive volumes of sensitive data can do so safely with Neocloak. Whether an accounting department needs to reference stored customer information to reconcile billing or a health professional needs to access sensitive portions of a patient's medical records, Neocloak can support database searches without adding significant latency to the process.

Our solution makes it easy for developers and technical personnel to tokenize sensitive data, pseudonymizing it and rendering it useless to bad actors. This solution allows developers to integrate our market-leading tokenization solution directly into their own cloud environment.


  • Easier to use than pure encryption.

  • Can be used alongside other security tech for a "tiered" security approach (e.g., encryption at rest, encryption in-flight).

  • Add to existing architecture without significant latency.

  • Self-register, self-configure, and pay using your cloud provider just like the rest of your infrastructure.

  • No delay for third parties to configure or engage in a "solution sale."

  • Pay-as-you-go; no fixed subscription cost to worry about.

  • Service scales with you. Use as much, or as little as you want, as fast as you want.